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How to place pin supports the same everytime a board is ran?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 25 14:59:45 EDT 2012 | kevslatvin

I too would go with something like the Grid-lock. We use Red-E-sets from production solutions. They are similar to the grid-locks but don't use air.

MPM Momentum Grid Lock Tooling Manual Mode

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 24 13:49:19 EDT 2019 | griinder

I have a support question concerning setting the gridlock tooling in manual mode on a MPM Momentum Elite. I am printing the top side (bottom is populated with parts) of a thin, flimsy PCB. The Grid lock tooling bows the PCB upwards in Auto mode, beca

DEK supports

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 10 18:12:49 EST 2004 | dorklover664

We are looking for a new way to support PCAs in the DEK. I am trying to push for getting grid-locks but have been told they cost to much. Right now we are trying out another support system (hell if I can remember what they are called) like the grid-l

DEK supports

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 11 11:22:29 EST 2004 | clampron

We are using the Red-E Sets on our DEK Infinities and they are working fairly well. There are some issues but the setup time beat the Form Flex and was more reliable than the Autoflex in our machines. We looked at Grid Lock. This seemed to solve all

DEK supports

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 12 06:38:43 EST 2004 | clampron

Good Morning, I feel that the Grid Lock system (with stealth mode) is the best system for absolute support. For us, it came down to spending 5K or 30K. We went with the 5K. The system we got is not perfect but serves our needs. The Grid lock resets h

UP2000 with grid-lok question

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 24 16:40:07 EST 2007 | chrisgriffin

Not as wack as Nancy Pelosi being Speaker of House. But back to the topic, Grid Lock kicks ass. You can even adjust the amount of force of the pushers that come up to the board. Your pads must be right on the edge. Might want to look into break-a

MPM UP2000 Hi-e

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 28 17:59:35 EDT 2006 | fastek

Would be my pick if I was putting a line together and was buying used. You should be paying around $35K-$40K and no more for such a machine. As far as grid-lock...........I'd probably toss that system in the garbage.

Board support

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 08 07:45:03 EST 2007 | hussman

We use the Gel Flex from MPM. Made a different base for each machine. Works well for most boards, but you may need additional pin support for larger boards. No tools, no vaccum hoses, no missprints (which Grid Lock is famous for), and best of all


Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 11 02:55:59 EDT 2008 | joseph_gonzales16

HI MUCH BETTER TO use grid lock than to use gel flex. you can only buy gel flex to speedline.


Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 11 14:20:48 EDT 2008 | hussman

Depends on your printer. We have vacuum nests that make Grid Lock difficult to install. We also use the Gels on our placement equipment.

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