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UP2000 with grid-lok question

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 24 12:27:21 EST 2007 | Tyrone Jamal Washington

This option sounds like it defeats the purpose of Grid-lok.

UP2000 with grid-lok question

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 24 08:12:21 EST 2007 | Hussman

Turn off Grid-Lok, turn off side clamps. Use hand inserted tooling (yeah, you may have to do some thinking here)for support. If you have vacuum, turn it on. People still use Grid-Lok?

UP2000 with grid-lok question

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 24 13:25:26 EST 2007 | pr

Grid-lok only supports the board, so why would what I suggested defeat the purpose of the grid-lok? You still falling down when you mark your golf ball, Tyrone?????

Benefit of GridLok screen printer ?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 04 14:11:55 EST 2020 | John

Hi, I am asked to review a screen printer to buy, and someone told me GridLok screen printer. Can anyone advise me what benefits GridLok offer? And which models from which suppliers are recommendable? Any advice will be appreciated. John

Benefit of GridLok screen printer ?

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 05 10:00:08 EST 2020 | davef

I don't believe that there is a Grid-Lok stencil printer. Grid-Lok is a board support add-on product for placement and printer machines developed by Ovation Products [ Bethlehem, PA, USA, 1-855-GRID-LOK or +1-484-893-1028, info@grid-lok.com ovation-p

UP2000 with grid-lok question

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 23 15:20:59 EST 2007 | stepheniii

On the Ekra those are called top clamps AKA finger slicers. With the Ekra side clamping means there is nothing on the top of the board. Does your printer have true side only clamping? Or do you need the top finger slicers for the grid-lok to work r

Board Support During Pick & Place

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 15 21:28:44 EST 2004 | Annoymous

Gridlok is good but it will also depends on your board. Board that is warpped and thick will not be flatten by gridlok as the concept for this support system is to conform to the shape of the underside of the board with very minimum upward force from

Grid-Lok Leaking

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 16 08:59:38 EDT 2016 | cgreiner

Phil, I had the same problem with my Gridlok blocks. Contact Jean Schroy at Henderson Industries in Bethlehem, PA (610-758-9263). They refurbished the three that I had and they have been working perfectly ever since. Best Regards

Grid lok system

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 28 14:49:48 EST 2006 | vdizzle

Yep Grid-Lok sucks for thin boards. We have it set up in 4 Dek Horizon 01s. Grid-Lok is actually strong enough to snap really thin boards. Other than that, the system has been great, especially if you have to do 10-12 changeovers per line per shif

UP2000 with grid-lok question

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 24 11:22:46 EST 2007 | pr

Do you still have the vacuum plates in? If so, you can set the grid-lok up in the "fixed mode" (not sure what they call it,where it won't set for each board), then you could run without side clamps and the Vacuum should be enough to keep it from movi

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