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Trident - Westkleen

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 05 18:19:39 EST 2012 | cnotebaert

You should talk to your paste/flux manufacture! They will provide the best instruction for this. The norm is typically 130-145f, speed 2-4f/m I always push for slower… the slower the cleaner/drier (in theory!), if you have an ICOM, Omega meter, ionog

Re: SMT standards

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 27 21:14:39 EST 1999 | Dave F

| Some of you can please tell where do I can find information about standards used for SMT devices? | | Thanks | Enrique: Scott is correct that the IPC is an out-standing source of standards information. Other respected standard setting groups ar

Amistar Support

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 24 09:54:16 EDT 2002 | dgjjr

Chris, Have you got any interest in setting up a user group yet? Just curious (I've got a couple of 7100's I take of) Dale Johnson Mfg Engineer Sure Power Ind.

Dual edge mount connector

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 17 13:32:42 EDT 2010 | davidd1

AJ, I am the manager of Samtec's Interconnect Processing Group. The edge mount connector in question does present a set of unique assembly challenges but I am confident we can help you develop a process that fits your needs. Please contact our g

Adding new line

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 27 08:31:02 EST 2013 | anton99

We are a OEM and growing pretty fast. The like the idea of setting up common components on the machine. It makes sense from a set up perspective. All of our set up is off line but the set up usually lasts longer than the SMT run so we have some spora

Mydata TP9-2 and TP11-UFP difference

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 17:38:27 EDT 2019 | rgduval

Not swapping out feeders....swapping out magazines. It only works well if you have enough extra mags to load all the feeders on. And is a viable solution if your position limited on your machine. Before the advent of Aegis feeders for My machine

Set up inspection spec for SPI machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 02:10:01 EDT 2018 | buckcho

Hello sir, Limits in SPI can vary a lot, also depending on finishing of the pcb. For example 170% volume on an IC (assuming is fine pitch) can be okay for ENIG, but very bad if HASL. For are I would recommend that you use either 50-130, or 60-135 max

Fuji CP Feeder Maintenance

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 23 05:41:13 EDT 2002 | kumarraju

first you need to have bar code stickers put on to your feeders.You need a tracking software to track your feeders using the bar code.you need to do periodic maintenance on your feeders and very important is calibrations.it is best to set up a feeder

DIMA smro 0406 is good machine or not for doing lead free reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 11 09:15:06 EST 2014 | sreejhu

Hello Sir, Thanks for your reply. i just got a mail from the DIMA service group and they said the Oven setting is as follows: Max temp settings in each zone (Which is not the temperature on your product, but close to where the air flow comes out of

Are US OEM Manufacturers Dead?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 04 04:43:50 EDT 2002 | ianchan

Hi mate, Been working in asia for past 6 years and this calls for alot of contact with asian based CM and customer groups. experience has shown the chinese group have strong "reverse engineering" talents and are liken to the early japanese "invento

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