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Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 16 16:56:02 EDT 1998 | Doug Nebel

| Howdy 2, | I am using my first DEK GSX PRINTER. Looks and acts good so far. Who know what - good, bad, or in between? Just want to get the facts from those who know. | Earl Moon We have had our 265 GSX a little over 2 years. Print quality has bee

DEK 265 Horizon Servo Following Error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 04 21:38:27 EST 2018 | dekhead

Error is occurring during move to fiducial 1 position (from board stop position)? Or during move to board stop position (from park position)? What is error displaying onscreen? Did you also just replace belt(s)?

DEK 265 Horizon Servo Following Error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 05 12:18:10 EST 2018 | dekhead

Does it happen in board stop move in diagnostics?

DEK 265 Horizon Servo Following Error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 05 10:58:43 EST 2018 | ilavu

John, I just found out more detail. If my board stop position in x is bigger than 109mm, I get error from park position to board stop.This problem started after power loss. The error comes up system power down and after pressing system button "RISIN

DEK 265 Horizon Servo Following Error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 05 12:02:28 EST 2018 | ilavu

Camera works fine from home to ref. position to fiducial1 and 2. Problem shows up from home to board stop. AC voltage between AC1 and AC2 is 41.7 and during move it drops to 41.5.

Changing a DEK 265 Horizon to right to left

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 14 16:46:38 EDT 2019 | rob1

I'm working on A DEK 265 Horizon and I need to convert it to right to left. I have changed the conveyor direction in software, however, the board stop position appears to be from 0 to 255 and I need it stop on the left hand side of the centre referen

Changing a DEK 265 Horizon to right to left

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 15 09:03:44 EDT 2019 | dekhead

It uses the same BS position regardless of feed direction. In right feed, it passes Board under the camera and when (board @ stop) sensor detects board has passed, drops the BS and reverses conveyor direction. There is "Right Feed Delay" parameter to

DEK 265 Horizon - DEK CSS Error - HELP!

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 18 12:13:06 EDT 2021 | oriolsancheza

Hello, Our machine started to not stopping board into the right position (stop pin was not working we guess). After some inspection we have not seen anything strange. However the DEK software decided to not work anymore. We've been messing arrounf

Board Handling Error: Waiting for output board transfer to complete, on GSM1 4681A UIC

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 29 17:41:35 EDT 2016 | ddina

I appreciate your response. I kind of read about it, and made sure nothing sensor-wise is activated by mistake on the process of zeroing. Right now the machine is in this set up, and the rear rail is all the way to the back stop. So the sensor on the

GSM-1 Board handling.

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 10 12:22:09 EDT 2005 | jh0n!

Configuration>Parameters>Board Handling "Board stop mounted" was incorrectly checked. Mods, feel free to delete.

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