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Re: gsm software question

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 29 18:01:13 EST 1999 | JAX

What's happenin Larry, I am not sure if bump proccess E is available on this particuliar software rev. but I have forgotten?????? It shouldn't matter; bump proccess A will work fine. The only things you have to do is make sure the pick up point

universal gsm 2 (ship shooter)

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 02 13:22:58 EST 2017 | jluiscp10

Hi. We Recently adquired a used machine universal GSM2, (product tree #46368504 L524), we need the operation, programming, platform operation, PTF basic machine operation manuals. Could you help me with this? Thanks

GSM1 manuals

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 11 03:57:29 EDT 2004 | ethercom

Need manuals for 1993 to 1995 vintage UIC GSM1 machines. Any suggestions?

GSM1 manuals

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 11 11:37:58 EDT 2004 | Barney

I have it. smtplace@bellsouth.net

GSM1 manuals

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 11 15:28:31 EDT 2004 | ethercom

Hi Barney: Please contact me at nafis@ethercom.com

GSM1 manuals

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 13 13:41:13 EDT 2004 | Brent R

You can also look online at http://www.uic.com. Register on the website and you have access to the knowledge bases as well.

Philips Topaz manuals

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 22 05:03:55 EDT 2014 | vdprs

Hi Everybody! For this time I was using Philips Topaz (old type, not X or not Xi). In net I found full user manual (pdf file, 420 pages) and corrupted service manual (pdf file, 260 pages). In service manual only chapters from 1 to 10. Needeed other

Universal GSM Placement Data...

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 04 06:29:09 EST 2007 | bT_Solutions

Thanks SWAG. I figured there must be a way to import data. I beleive right now, the SMT operators where I work are manually making the programs right on the GSM, which depending on the assembly, could take up to a full 8-hour shift (especially when t

GSM Machines

Electronics Forum | Wed May 02 12:22:30 EDT 2007 | SWAG

Make sure you get a good upward looking camera combo. 4.0 on rear and 2.6 for PTF (platform tray feeder) parts is my favorite. Easy to wrench on, calibrate (if you have a cal. kit), and easy to program. Single beam will run at 2000+ cph and dual b

Re: Help with new placement equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 14 22:05:45 EDT 1998 | Jason

John, Universal has a smaller footprint HSP chipshooter, I believe the 4795S and the 4796R that takeup a lot less space than the full sized chipshooters do. I have a 4795S, it's just as reliable as our full sized 4795's & 96's. As far as BGA's I pr

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