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Re: gsm software question

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 29 18:01:13 EST 1999 | JAX

What's happenin Larry, I am not sure if bump proccess E is available on this particuliar software rev. but I have forgotten?????? It shouldn't matter; bump proccess A will work fine. The only things you have to do is make sure the pick up point

Universal GSM dumping trays with parts still in!!

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 06:45:30 EST 2001 | genglish

I am having a problem with a Universal GSM machine (Platform Tray Feeder)dumping trays with parts still in the trays, subsequently damaging the leads. Is it possible to program the machine so if any part is not picked from the tray in the matrices a

Universal GSM dumping trays with parts still in!!

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 09 14:30:17 EST 2001 | vickt

FYI...Universal has software that "senses" if parts are present in the PTF trays or not. With some upgraded s/w your dumping would be over

Universal GSM dumping trays with parts still in!!

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 16:00:03 EST 2001 | gsmguru

Enter A value of -1 in the Tray pickup X & Tray pickup Y fields. This will disable the automatic empty tray pickup by the machine. I would recommend getting a data sheet on the tray from the component vendor for accurate pocket & tray dimensions. Var

Universal GSM dumping trays with parts still in!!

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 09:08:47 EST 2001 | jax

Your safest bet is to manually remove the trays. The problem with what you want is that the machine does not know that it missed a part. It simply goes to the point you specify and tries to pick somthing up; if it doesn't pick up anything it believes

GSM Bump Process

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 14 05:54:57 EDT 1999 | Larry Jeter

I have been recently playing the the different bump process within the Universal GSM part data software. Can anyone explain to me the differences between bump process A and E? Any feedback would be helpful

Parting out GSM2

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 21:36:46 EDT 2022 | ttheis

We are parting out a GSM2 machine and plan to keep most of the parts for spares but if there is some bracket, bearing, roller, switch, etc. that someone needs let me know asap and we'll see if we have it.

GSM Spindle Runout Error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 22 16:39:18 EDT 2022 | dilogic

Our calibration nozzles (360's) suffered from rubber disease (all rubber parts on GSM disintegrate into odd sticky molasse after a while), so we thought 340's will do. They did not...

GSM Precise Location Failure Rejects

Electronics Forum | Mon May 16 20:01:38 EDT 2022 | ttheis

Still running our GSM's and some parts we see a high rate of "precise location" failures. We tried tweaking the component definition and feeder definition. We also tried copying to a custom feeder and doing a teach. Nothing seems to have ma

Universal GSM and 0402/0201 Placement

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 16 16:01:31 EST 2015 | emeto

GSMs are great machines for many parts, but for the small parts you should look for something better and more contemporary. As it was mentioned in one of the previous posts, the feeder is a big key. I don't think there is feeder for GSM that can supp

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