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Soldering robot and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 15:05:55 EDT 2017 | solderingpro

There are several different technologies in the industry today to assist in the out-gassing of flux cores. On automated soldering systems, there are two main types of perforating solder feeders: - Hole Drilling - "V" Scoring By perforating the so

wave soldering and solder bridge

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 11:55:08 EST 2007 | chef

I recently had the same problems, solder bridges on every thing I made, different customers boards, etc. I wave with no-clean flux. As I sorted out problems (pin holes, blow holes, splatter, etc.) I found a lot of variable factors. I changed flux,

Selective soldering pallets and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 02 16:01:15 EST 2002 | russ

If you can, attach athermocouple to the locations where you are getting solder balls. A previous product I had showed the same thing and we found that we had inadequate preheat leaving the liquid flux to splatter when it hit the wave. It could aslo

Selective soldering pallets and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 05 11:36:30 EST 2002 | William Guatemala

Have you check the flux gravity lately? If not, Check the flux gravity every 6 hours to make sure proper parameters are meet. Here is a list of things that may cause your solder ball problems; Excecive heat, defective fixtures, preheating temperature

Selective soldering pallets and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 03 18:31:45 EST 2002 | slthomas

At the price of Durapol we'd never get the OK to have them made. The Al fixtures are cheap and a quick turn local item. As dense as the pth parts are I also don't think there'd be any room for any holes which I really think is the answer as far a

Selective soldering pallets and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 16 19:05:57 EST 2002 | davidduke

Steve , I agree with all the responses you have received. Randy Villeneuve is absolutly correct in all of his assesments and I would consider him an expert with the process , Gris is correct about adding a "heat sink" to the process complicating pr

LGA and Solderballs

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 28 21:16:17 EST 2006 | davef

J Rose at EMPF says: The introduction of no-clean solder fluxes in electronics manufacturing has given rise to greater levels of solder balling simply because the opportunity to remove them in the wash process does not exist. They are typically cause


Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 21 17:44:32 EDT 2002 | davef

Splitting hairs, I expect SIR of all solderability protection, including OSP, to decrease after reflow. What�s more, I expect the SIR of all solderability protection to pretty much decrease over time. The �comb pattern� test specimens meet requirem

Solder beads and wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 03 05:39:05 EDT 2006 | ronalds

Hi, I am experience problems while testing wave soldering SMT components that are glued on the solderside (lead free). Between de leads of SOx type IC's and SOT's develop a great deal of solder beads. I have been using a RSS temp.profile while spr

CSP and BGA soldering difference.

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 02 01:24:52 EDT 2007 | Haris

Dear all, I want to know the difference between the CSP and the BGA (I think there is only in the mesh pin difference). Secondly, if their solder balls have same dia, LxBxH are also same with the the manufacturing of the pin coating chemical elemen

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