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flux residue after HAL

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 26 10:54:37 EST 2006 | yusufgomec

We use hot air leveling (HAL) process in pcb production. HAL process is 3 steps. �n 1. step flux. 2. step is HAL. And 3. step is rinsing. As you know there is mustn't any flux after rinsing operation. Our flux chemical is water soluable. But there ar

Reflective coating on PCB

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 15 11:12:15 EST 2002 | V.RAMANAND KINI

I have tried this white s/m coating. I want some thing better. I am looking at a metal frame cover over the PCB or leave the PCB surface with HAL avoiding soldermask. Will this HAL withstand -40 to +85 deg?

Wetting problem of PCB after reflow soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 02:56:40 EDT 2001 | mugen

Hi, (me been absent for some time...) Are your brds confirmed HAL over copper? (check out what Dave F mentioned abt possible root causes) or are the brds HAL over nickle? (shd be no problem here, if so?) or are the brds strictly nickle plated pads?

browny, brassy, dark, HAL Pb-free pads

Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 04:22:39 EDT 2014 | andrzej

Thanks Hege. I've done some research and this might be the root couse: 1. Too thin HAL layer which leads to formation intermetallic Cu-Sn layers on surface after 1-st reflow (most probably) 2. Poor quality of solder for HAL process. 3. Problem

Sn plated

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 13 19:55:21 EDT 2003 | yukim

Just some more info: PCB is HAL finished we are using Sn63 solder paste.

flux residue after HAL

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 26 20:11:47 EST 2006 | davef

What is the make-up of the residue? Is finding this residue new to your standard operation? What has changed?

flux residue after HAL

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 10:01:49 EST 2007 | lyetc

Hi...have you try ultrasonic cleaning before rinsing?

Is This Corrosion?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 21 13:48:16 EST 2009 | smt_guy

hi davef, good idea! run one sample and see waht happens with the solderability. yeah we received them good and just happened after 45 days in our stock room. I suspect that during the HAL process some parts of the vias with epoxy fillings were no

Solderability problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 12:08:53 EDT 2008 | ludee_circuits

My factory produces Printed Circuits Boards.Today, my customer says they encounter problem with solder ability issue. Some of the boards have difficulties during SMT solder flow. Could not stick to the pads and the components fell off. Those boards

Is This Corrosion?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 20 11:54:12 EST 2009 | smt_guy

Is this Corrosion? We found our boards with this issue 45 days after they were delivered to us from supplier. The board finish is HAL Leaded. But I noticed that the corrosion like issues are coming form the tiny via holes with SILVER EPOXY FILLING.

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