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PCB Surface Finishing

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 12 08:46:16 EDT 2000 | T Jones

Several online PCB fabrication quote forms offer SMOBC as a surface finish along with HASL, Ni/AU, etc. How does one specifify SMOBC for traces and untented vias, and elctroless Ni/Au for smt pads? Are these processes mutually exclusive? Or can I g

Coatings to prevent water ingress

Electronics Forum | Sat May 24 21:49:24 EDT 2003 | ramanandkini

We have an electronic circuit with a miniature stepper motor, quartz crystal, Electrolytic capacitor,chip resistors and few smt LEDs. The PCB material is CEM1 with SMOBC and HALS finish. This circuit is assembled in a plastic casing and goes in to a

Silica gel in final packing

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 28 22:52:34 EDT 2003 | ramanandkini

We have an Electromechanical assembly (clock) that has a step motor on the board. This electromechanical assembly is assembled in a screw less plastic moulded casing. The plastic casing is neither air tight nor water proof. The board is with SMOBC+ H

Porosity in Good Plating

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 04 21:09:04 EDT 2003 | ramanandkini

I have a CEM-1 PCB board with 35 microns copper. This is PCB is finished with SMOBC+HALS. We do solder SMT LEDs, but till date we do not have problems that you have listed. The LEDs are good & bright. It even passed high & low temp cycle tests (-40 t

flux residue after HAL

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 26 10:54:37 EST 2006 | yusufgomec

We use hot air leveling (HAL) process in pcb production. HAL process is 3 steps. �n 1. step flux. 2. step is HAL. And 3. step is rinsing. As you know there is mustn't any flux after rinsing operation. Our flux chemical is water soluable. But there ar

Reflective coating on PCB

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 15 11:12:15 EST 2002 | V.RAMANAND KINI

I have tried this white s/m coating. I want some thing better. I am looking at a metal frame cover over the PCB or leave the PCB surface with HAL avoiding soldermask. Will this HAL withstand -40 to +85 deg?

Re: PCB Surface Finishing

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 12 09:48:05 EDT 2000 | John Thorup

Actually they are complimentary. SMOBC describes how the solder mask shall be applied (but not the type, surface finish, color, etc). The other terms describe the type of surface protective finish applied to the solderable surfaces. You need to sp

Best contrast for Fiducials

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 24 11:59:55 EST 2006 | Chunks

Tell your board house/customers you want "non-smobc". hich stands for non-solder maske over bare copper. MPMs love exposed fids in just about any finish. You can always use pads on an MPM too.

Wetting problem of PCB after reflow soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 17 02:56:40 EDT 2001 | mugen

Hi, (me been absent for some time...) Are your brds confirmed HAL over copper? (check out what Dave F mentioned abt possible root causes) or are the brds HAL over nickle? (shd be no problem here, if so?) or are the brds strictly nickle plated pads?

browny, brassy, dark, HAL Pb-free pads

Electronics Forum | Fri May 23 04:22:39 EDT 2014 | andrzej

Thanks Hege. I've done some research and this might be the root couse: 1. Too thin HAL layer which leads to formation intermetallic Cu-Sn layers on surface after 1-st reflow (most probably) 2. Poor quality of solder for HAL process. 3. Problem

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