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Hall IC Placement (Support with PWB Carrier)

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 05 04:10:34 EST 2003 | Joseph

Presently, we have one PWBA with Hall IC which required designated PWE-Carrier to hold this component from bottom. This IC only has 4 leads at one at one side, whereas no lead available at the opposite. See below diagram for detail. _____

%RH in the Production Hall

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 17 21:56:20 EDT 2006 | davef

Look here: http://www.smtnet.com/forums/Index.cfm?CFApp=1&Message_ID=39769

%RH in the Production Hall

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 17 07:05:10 EDT 2006 | Steve H.

Hi, I was wondering, if there were any guidelines to what %RH the production hall should be running within, and what consequences can occurr, if we are running higher or lower than the reccommendations. I am worried, with regards to the above, as w

APEX 2000 is over, or is it just starting?

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 18 08:20:47 EST 2000 | Wayne Bracy

Just returned from Long Beach and the APEX 2000 show. It has been a number of years of since I attended a trade show and felt the excitement of being on an exhibit floor. All or at least most of the exhibitors seemed to be very busy and looking


Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 20 18:27:13 EDT 2010 | ratsalad

dman, This happened to me once on a GSX, but the head was not all the way up. I ended up shutting the machine down, inserting a bypass key so it thought the head was lowered then turning it back on. Then I told it I wanted to raise the head, hit

%RH in the Production Hall

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 17 11:19:46 EDT 2006 | Chunks

Never seen a direct study on these two correlation�s before. But if you have moisture sensitive devices, higher humidity could have some affect on them. If you are talking regular Rs and Cs over wave solder - I kinda doubt it. Water based fluxes d

Wave Solder Bean Bags

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 05 18:24:50 EDT 2016 | padawanlinuxero

Hi have you try to use some type of adhesive like loctite or a solder mask to avoid lifted components, we use both in 2 different products, we use loctite to avoid a hall inserted in a plastic carrier, lift when being solder in the solder wave, the s

DEK PumpPrint Stencils

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 26 06:16:30 EDT 2001 | genglish

I have located an alternative supplier who manufacturers at half the cost of a DEK pump print and has a UK standard 3 day delivery service!!!! Contact Graham Hall or Fraser Shaw Tannlin@compuserve.com (G)

Hall IC Placement (Support with PWB Carrier)

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 05 11:00:52 EST 2003 | msivigny

Hello Joseph, I'm sure there is an alternative but I need to have more information in order to make a suggestion. Is the part setup for selective soldering, through-hole for wave or surface mount for reflow? Let me know if you require additional assi

Hall IC Placement (Support with PWB Carrier)

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 05 22:37:11 EST 2003 | JOSEPH

Hello sir, The component is for surface mount reflow.It would dropped into the pwb slot during component placement if no support from underneath . RDGS

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