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Re: PCB Material selection

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 26 20:34:14 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Gary: Allow expand on this topic a bit. Back in the gray skied past when people wore calculators on their belts, rather than pagers n Palms, and didn�t drink California spill, they used HASS that you mentioned and HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test

Production Testing - HASS

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 28 11:08:16 EDT 2007 | rlackey

I'd like to side with Chunks on this one mainly as I come from a component manufacturing background, but also because your arguement comes from the perspective of someone who is an engineering consultant for a company that specialises in HASS & HALT.

PCBA Burn-in / ageing equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 03 08:51:47 EST 2008 | mrmaint

Try looking at Chart Industries. They offer HASS/HALT chambers that are capable of reaching the paramaters that you are looking for. Will require a nitrogen supply for the cooling end.We had a 3000gal tank of liquid nitrogen to feed two chambers.

PCBA Burn-in / ageing equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 04 12:17:15 EST 2008 | jdumont

We have a couple of Qualmark HALT/HASS chambers here. Never had a problem with either.


Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 26 14:56:07 EST 1998 | carl m

| | Hi, | | Am looking out for companies which would perform the "highly accelerated stress testing" for my PCB test assembly samples. does anybody have any info regarding this. | | thanks, | | subhash | | | Most independent PCB test labs, often do

IPC Conference Raises New Lead-free Reliability Concerns

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 18 08:44:15 EDT 2007 | pjc

Every failure analysis study I've seen, (and quite a few by now) showes Pb Free failing in about half the time or cycles as Sn/Pb. HALT and HASS testing shows reality- run way from a Pb Free product other than a camcorder, etc...

Capacitor securing

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 09:47:13 EDT 2005 | Dave G

We use the 3748. We picked it many moons ago after doing product HALT & HASS testing. Basically the run of the mill hotmelts didn't hold up as well under the conditions our equipment lives in. (We do a lot of MIL,Aero & Industrial motor/actuator driv

Production Testing - HASS

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 27 04:23:27 EDT 2007 | donjohnson

You know the products operating limits,and these have been pushed out during development using Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) 2> Proof of Screen has been conducted to ensure that wear out failures are not induced by the screen If the above

Production Testing - HASS

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 27 16:22:10 EDT 2007 | donjohnson

60G are common, as are vibration events of >1.5Grms. And drop heights are just outrageous, old billy throwing your new server off the truck doesn't care too much about the glass house theory, but loves to throw anything that he can lift... say he cra

Conformal Coating prior to Hass Burn In

Electronics Forum | Mon May 13 20:55:25 EDT 2024 | swilson

Can conformal coating be done to PCBs prior to burn in (Hass)? Will it affect the coating?

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