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Hepco Vs Hand Crank

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 02 19:57:08 EST 2021 | fontaij1

Hi All, We'd like to pick up an 8000 series Hepco lead former. We currently have a basic hand crank lead former. I'm having a hard time cost justifying the Hepco. I understand setup is more repeatable but manuals for the hand crank vary in outpu

Omniflow 10 question

Electronics Forum | Fri May 21 10:32:17 EDT 2004 | cyber_wolf

How do you get the boards out of an Omniflow 10 oven in the event of a power outage ? I don't see any place for a hand crank, but I do notice that there seems to be a UPS in a cabinet toward the end of the oven. How do I test it ? Thanks.

Re: Reflow Power Failure

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 22 10:29:18 EST 1999 | Boca

Hany, Chartrain has some good points, if you product is expensive, what does the cost of a UPS amount to? Remember, you don't want to 'back up' the heating zones, just the controller and conveyor drive system so product doesn't get stuck in the oven

Re: Reliable counting equipment for SMT components required

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 06 15:27:50 EST 2000 | Christopher Lampron

Damian, I have used the Schleuniger, Inc. CC-15 components counter. This is a hand crank operated instruments that counts the holes in the carrier tape. It is simple to operate and set up. We have found the accuracy to be upwards of 98% providing th

Board support of Fuji machines.

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 01 14:09:09 EDT 2008 | cyber_wolf

I have always heard the glory of plexi glass templates but have never seen them successfully implemented. ECR changes make this system nearly impossible when you are trying to manage thousands of assemblies. We have removed the hand cranks from the

Cutting reeled terminals

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 10 11:01:44 EDT 2015 | joe98375

Hello, I am looking for a machine that can cut terminals on a reel efficiently. We buy some of our terminals on reel because it is significantly less expensive than buying them in bulk packs even with the added labor of clipping them off one by one.

DEK 265 Horizon

Electronics Forum | Sun May 04 19:18:42 EDT 2008 | dman97

Hi all, I recently acquired a year 2000 dek 265 horizon. It has a manual screen loader with that stupid hand crank adjustable stopper. Can anyone tell me how I am supposed to measure the stencil image dimensions for a front justified stencil? Now on

Opinion/references about *KAIT brand for Wave Soldering machine (KTU-350)

Electronics Forum | Mon May 17 13:43:32 EDT 2021 | kumarb

We are also in the market for wave soldering system but review if they are the manufacturer. Many just resell the product. Check Jaguar who is a manufacturer. Also note the solder pot size and the cost of the solder. Did not know about your vendor

through hole questions

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 19 15:16:47 EST 2014 | warwolf

Interesting, see we used to do a large amount of PTH but we have been able to convert most of those parts to SMT now. the majority of our PTH is connectors. I am doing some research as to the types of through hole assembly that still remain.- This d

SOT Solder Problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 11 11:45:33 EDT 2008 | swag

Never did find a fool proof solution. Solderability seemed O.K. (at least using the methods we have available in house). Tinned parts and placed by hand and saw little improvement. Pad design is slightly different than recommended but likely not i

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