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Hand Sanitizer

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 09 15:07:39 EDT 2009 | petep

With the H1N1 and other flu virus' upon us, our HR department is planning to place hand sanitizers throughout our facilities. I need to assure the planned product is "electronic friendly" and that it will not adversely affect solderability. Pure

Hand Sanitizer

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 11 10:13:00 EDT 2009 | cyber_wolf

Ya purell is like alcohol based napalm.

Hand Sanitizer

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 11 14:15:11 EDT 2009 | davef

Yeh, Boy Scouts use it as a fire starter.

Hand Sanitizer

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 15 14:51:37 EDT 2009 | davef

Glycerin is an organic solvent. look here: http://organicdivision.org/organic_solvents.html

Hand Sanitizer

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 09 22:57:42 EDT 2009 | davef

Concerns are: * We are unsure how a germicide like Purell affects a virus like H1N1. The CDC recommends washing your hands with soap and water. * Purell is flammable.

Hand Sanitizer

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 21 19:51:54 EDT 2009 | nodlac

We are looking at this stuff all the time...One thing we find is the operators use the Alcohol based hand cleaners....and it drys their skin...then they use moisturizers creating a whole new issue. Just a word of caution. Cal Driscoll Agilent Techn

Hand Sanitizer

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 11 14:20:59 EDT 2009 | davef

Bottom line: Whether you provide Purell or not, people will be using more of it, because it's cheap and they believe it might work in protecting them against H1N1. So, we're going to end-up with more of it on our boards.

Hand Sanitizer

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 14 17:05:58 EDT 2009 | davef

Glycols, polyglycols, polyglycol surfactants, polyethers, and glycerine are used in water-soluble flux formulations because they provide excellent wetting of the board surface and dissolve the more active materials used in these formulations. [Printe

H1N1 Hand Sanitizers and PCB contamination

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 06 18:40:25 EST 2009 | davef

While you're waiting for others to reply, look here: http://www.smtnet.com/Forums/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_thread&CFApp=1&Thread_ID=13874&mc=19

Hand Sanitizer

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 17 19:03:53 EST 2009 | rrlotion

There can be an alternative to putting Alcohol Based Sanitizers made with Glycerin into electronic assembly areas. We are already providing an Antibacterial Lotion to many electronic manufacturers so that there is compliance with handling PCB's as w

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