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Thanks and happy holidays everyone

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 22 12:35:11 EST 2006 | bvdb

Happy holidays to all and many thanks to those people who helped me and others during the year! I really enjoy reading the interesting posts and have learned a lot from them. Regards, Bert van den Berg

Thanks and happy holidays everyone

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 22 15:29:30 EST 2006 | mika

The same to You and everybody body else in this forum. I agree with You and looking forward to new challenges next near. I can not emphasize enough how much that this forum have been a lot of help to us. Sometime it has even been funny and we all n

Thanks and happy holidays everyone

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 23 06:31:19 EST 2006 | Grant

Hi, I agree, and I would be in trouble without everyones kind help on this forum! Merry Christmas and I hope everyone has a great new year! Regards, Grant

Happy Holidays

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 22 18:18:41 EST 2019 | aqueous

Wishing the SMTNet Team and Users Happy Holidays and a Happy, Peaceful, and Prosperous New Year! Mike Konrad

Happy New Year SMTnet!

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 03 08:25:19 EST 2018 | emeto

Happy new year to all! Be well and enjoy the challenges.

Contamination of components

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 26 19:59:20 EST 2001 | davef

We feel that we get more than our share of crusty components, but we just smile because we�re so happy ["Happy, happy" as Emeril says] that we use a nice and hot, aqueous flux. What kind of flux do you use?

Happy New Year SMTnet!

Electronics Forum | dekhead |

Tue Jan 02 10:31:15 EST 2018

Info on the Data Paq Reflow Tracker

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 13:15:08 EST 2001 | Matt Poppert

I am a regional sales manager for datapaq. If you e-mail me or call me I would be happy to give you the names of a number of people who use the datapaq and are very happy with it. 847-781-5372


Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 20 15:38:06 EST 2002 | russ

Thanks to everyone who helped with all issues and concerns! Merry christmas and happy new new year to all! God Bless us, each and everyone.

Merry Christmas smtnetters

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 23 10:55:28 EST 2005 | Mike

Every time that you say "Happy Holidays" insted > of "Merry Christmas" Santa kills an elf That may be so however, Santa should realize that when people say "Happy Holidays" it includes New Year. Well, at least to me, New Year is a holiday.

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