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Your choice among surface finishes

Oct 30, 2019 | We prefer Flat finish. We don't like HASL.

soldermask color change around vias

Jun 7, 2019 | Does look like delam, if its that bad and the board looks like its HASL finish or Silver, it could a

Reflow soldering issue

Sep 21, 2018 | Peter, Based on the images, it looks the HASL is too thin. I have seen this a few times when the

Entek OM

Mar 4, 2016 | Anyone using Entek OM final finish to replace HASL & ENIG?

Reflow Solder REsults

Jan 13, 2016 | What surface finish are you using on the bare PCBs? ENIG, Silver, OSP, Leadfree HASL, etc.?

paste Sn42/Bi58 and Lead Finish

Nov 3, 2012 | We have experience with this alloy, but with enig and we did start with PB HASL, none of our PCBs wo

paste Sn42/Bi58 and Lead Finish

Nov 2, 2012 | Sure you can use it it with leaded HASL. Recognize that ... * Your Sn42/Bi58 will no linger be Sn42

Fiducial Recognition

Jul 3, 2012 | We clean a good number of fiducials, mostly where HASL PCBs are used. Since the pad is not exactly f

SMT Production Tips

Dec 9, 2011 | if you have fine pitch on your board go away from HASL.

Tarnish Occuring after Washing???

Jul 21, 2011 | What is the metal finish? Silver, HASL, Tin??

BGA non wetting

Sep 17, 2010 | Based on the last few pictures in the report, the root cause is lousy HASL. In fact, you don't have

BGA non wetting

Sep 14, 2010 | Hi Gani, HASL is normally very good for solderability providing there is a good consistent coating o

BGA non wetting

Sep 14, 2010 |

Solderability Issues

Aug 2, 2010 | I believe it is LF HASL. I will need to double check.

Washing of Misprinted PCBs

Aug 27, 2009 | Alloy is Sn/Pb on a HASL finish. Standard no-clean flux reflowed in Nitrogen.

Solder paste height

Mar 5, 2009 | Are you using HASL PCB's? Try measuring a bare board and compare.

solder balls on pcb

Nov 4, 2008 | I have to agree with Patrick here. This image appears to show a board that is NOT HASL as there is w

PCB Finishes

Nov 30, 2007 | anyone have any experience with lead-free HASL?

lead free pcb plating?

Jul 28, 2007 |

QFP Shifting / Solderability Issue

Jun 2, 2007 | I almost forgot; If the pcb have HASL (Non RoHS) surface finish, then big fine pitch QFP:s could be

Ni/Au > Immersion Tin/Silver PCB finish

Feb 22, 2007 | This [ http://www.smtnet.com/library/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_article_html&file=no_hasl ] describes

PbF PCB finish

Jan 24, 2007 | We have been using SN100C lead free hasl for over a year now with good success. It is very solderabl

Non-Rohs PCB

Sep 11, 2006 |

PCB Type

Jun 21, 2006 |

Black PAD

Jun 16, 2006 | We use HASL and immersion silver, depending on the board design.

Cu dissolution PTH

Jul 6, 2005 | Very interesting, any experience with HASL made by SN100C? Many Tnks. GS

RoHS Compliant Materials

May 31, 2005 |

Fine pitch & PCB finish

Feb 21, 2005 |

Cleanliness Testing Samples - What to Use?

Oct 4, 2004 | We know SIR coupons are not ROSE coupons, but coupon boards are: * IPC-B-24 (copper and HASL, FR-4

Crystalized Flux under BGA

Aug 11, 2004 | HASL Fluids are generally not RA based fluxes. They are generally fluxes based on hydrochloric acid

15.7 mil QFP

May 29, 2003 | I do not recommend using a HASL finish, you will have a very tough time printing repeatably.

BGA Picture Evaluation

Apr 9, 2003 | Dave is there an easy way to calculate liquidous temp? or just a ball park for Hasl boards / BGA's.

Board with immersion Tin

Nov 25, 2002 |

Refreshing PCB Solderability

Aug 14, 2002 | What is the surface finish? HASL, Entek? what? If HASL, ask your fab supplier for recommendations

pcb assembly equipment - robotek

 Reflow System