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Solder Mask Bubbling On PCB from Supported Via Holes

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 14 12:55:07 EDT 2008 | arminski

I have a board with the above problem from our PCB supplier. After they applied the solder mask and run the PCB's to HASL process, the solder mask bubbled on one side of the PCB making the solder mask thickness higher and PCB looking awkward. They s

Wave Solder - solder bubbles/outgassing??

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 21 19:23:15 EST 2006 | greg york

Had exactly the same problem the other week. Baked some boards did improve slightly but not convincingly. Washed bare PCb and found excessive HASL fluids left on board from improper rinsing and problem disapeared. Baking HASL fluid out is impossible

Re: Micro Vias in Pads

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 25 19:41:01 EST 1998 | Earl Moon

| We have successfully put .016" vias in .030" pads. | There is no drain off with .030" solder balls, since | the actual volume in the .002" depression is low. | We did notice random bubbles where, apparently, the | solder reflowed and trapped the a

Solder Mask Specification

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 24 14:06:37 EDT 2001 | mparker

If you let your design team leave things up to chance, chances are something will go wrong. You are right to want to take control rather than be lead down an undesirable path by the fab house. Various masks serve certain desirable purposes. You need

PCB Finishes Hack Chat

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 09 15:03:41 EDT 2020 | davef

snip from https://hackaday.com/2020/03/09/pcb-finishes-hack-chat PCB FINISHES HACK CHAT No comments by: Dan Maloney March 9, 2020 Join us on Wednesday, March 11 at noon Pacific for the PCB Finishes Hack Chat [https://hackaday.io/event/169956-pcb-


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