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Panasonic HDP 3 Startup Problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 22:31:06 EDT 2006 | Derek

I have an ongoing problem with a Panasonic HDP3. When the machine is switched on, the screens flicker for a while and then it eventually starts the boot up sequence, but resets itself. Each time it starts the boot up sequence it gets a bit further. A

MPAV Y-Axis deviation overflow

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 15 17:12:15 EST 2004 | brian bennett

as george says move beam back towards the centre of the machine make sure it is square although not neccesarily on the alignment arrows. make sure alignment laser is clean along with the recieving mirror on the head.also make sure the driver filters

Glued component location accuracy after reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 28 11:12:18 EDT 2023 | shrikant_borkar

Hi SimionR, Is Glue Process Dispencing or Glue Printing thru Stencil? if Its Dispencing Glue thru a Nozzle then its a controllable process. I have performed it thru HDP-3 Panasonic. Placement of Glue either one DOT or Process must be aligned with th


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