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Im trying to install a tool on a MY15 and I am getting errors

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 18 13:48:12 EDT 2021 | rgduval

It's been awhile, but, some other things you might look at: - Check the fiducials on the toolbox. If they're getting obscured/damaged, all kinds of weird things can happen. I had problems initializing tools one time because of this, and I could actu

GSM2 and FlexJet heads

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 11 21:19:51 EDT 2009 | fulldrawmike

we have both flexjet and flexhead, we also have the new inline 7 head on some genesis dual beams we just put into operation. If you have a choice in flexjet heads take the inline 7. The flexjet 09 head is very labor intensive, stay away from them, e

CSM-84 pick and place machine.

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 15 00:27:39 EST 2011 | jeffr

First clean and de-bur the hole in the nozzle, then try it again. If the Head does not pick up at the feeder, then moves to the dump position...it means that the Vacuum Sensor Board has detected that the nozzle vacuum is above the LOW threshold setti

I'm back in the saddle, and it's a ....

Electronics Forum | Wed May 25 12:49:51 EDT 2005 | Steve Thomas

tuckered pony I'm riding. Nearly two years off from the biz, and the place I landed is the place I sold a bunch of used equipment to while at my last job. It's deja vu all over again. Anyway, I'm a little more active with the placement equipment he

Help finding a high capacity pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 19 11:54:56 EDT 2024 | tommy_magyar

Hi there, I've been happy with the iiNeo and iiNeo+ from Europlacer, both have the capacity of 8*33 8mm feeders (264 slots in total). It can build boards up to 505*360 mm (our biggest PCBA, maybe it can do bigger one too). 6 and 12 monthly services

Help finding a high capacity pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 15 21:20:18 EDT 2024 | compit

Check out Yamaha - also old. A large number of parts (the same machines under the Assembleon, Philips brand), cheap feeders, many parts suppliers. Models from 2 to 16 heads, e.g. Emerald-X can accommodate 84 INDEPENDENT 8 mm feeders.

Micro-Dispensing using a Essemtec Paraqudu and Vermes MDV-3200

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 23 11:06:00 EDT 2019 | majelacquinn

Currently trying to get away from using stencil printing. Looking for information on Micro-Dispensing and dot size using a Vermes MDV-3200A micro jet dispenser. I am using a Indium led free solder that has size 6 balls. With a 100 micron dispense hea

Re: Siemens HS50 and F5 and S25

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 28 16:28:14 EST 2000 | CAL

Chris- The machines you identified are stable products and have been around for over two years now and most bugs have been worked out. The F5 IC head has not changed much since its introduction over 5 years ago. Remember these machine like to run, r

Possibility of a cheaper pick and place machine design?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 11 10:01:30 EDT 2014 | spoiltforchoice

1 - Too messy, parts already come in nice easy to use machine compatible packaging, tapes, reels, tubes and trays. All you are doing is adding an extra step and complication. A key production aim is to reduce the number of steps. 2 - BGA - a chip wi

small and good pick and place machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 05 23:18:03 EDT 2013 | feiyangniao

There is a new toy I received today: a NeoDen TM-240A automatic desktop pick and place machine! I’ve kept my eyes on this baby for a quite a while, and finally decided to make a purchase last week. The shipping was very fast: DHL from China, a total

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