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Axis head 2 z velocity error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 12 08:41:12 EST 2007 | geb

Hi, Our GSM1 pick and place machine has an Axis head 2 Z velocity error. None of the spindles of Head 2 work during placement and it brings up the error message. It will not proceed after that. I have tried lowering and raising the spindles in the

Axis head 2 z velocity error

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 13 19:34:16 EST 2007 | geb

(Its a flex head) I have made a trial program to determine at what point it stops. This is how it goes: I load the program, push the start button it will zero and pick components with head 1. As soon as it finishes placing head 1 parts it halts wher

Axis head 2 z velocity error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 12 11:04:09 EST 2007 | mika

zero > in manual Control > bring the head close to the end of the machine so that you can reach the head => Diagnostic meny > engage the clutches and THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: use Extreme Caution (you can flip off the X-Y circuit braker on the lower ba

GSM2 spindles Not seen for head

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 25 20:11:58 EDT 2015 | ercdave1

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope I can get some help since I am at the point where I don't know what to do. I have a Q block Universal GSM2 having some issues. I am getting an error message that reads. "spindles Not seen for

How to operate a CSM 66 Eclipse

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 16:53:31 EDT 2010 | loyrickie

Never seen, or worked on one of these machines. After turning the unit on and hitting f5 to return to origination, I receive error message "37- Head LOWER POS. SENSOR OFF!". I also have no service manual, just replacement parts catalog and operatio

need help with Philips CSM84

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 28 21:29:59 EDT 2007 | darby

Component. Press edit on the desired feeder #, let's say 1. The left and right arrow keys will toggle the feeder type eg 8mm, 12mm etc. Press enter The cursor will now shift to the Set No field. Enter the Set No using the numerals on the keypad. To

Universal GSM 2

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 13 09:22:14 EDT 2014 | rgduval

Deni, Thanks. I managed to do pretty much exactly that. I was able to get the changers to pop up, and check the vacuum on the nozzles. The first two nozzles are very well sealed into the changer (can't move them), but, the balance of the nozzles


Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 20 18:27:13 EDT 2010 | ratsalad

dman, This happened to me once on a GSX, but the head was not all the way up. I ended up shutting the machine down, inserting a bypass key so it thought the head was lowered then turning it back on. Then I told it I wanted to raise the head, hit

Component Zero Orientations for CAD Libraries

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 04 21:58:03 EST 2008 | mika

Hi everybody out there, A little interesting something for all of us of how to handle the cad-component orientation in regards to cad import into your SMT-machines S/W (Fuji Flexa, FujiCam, UIC, Siemens, Pana, Mydata or Whatever). We have struggle f

siemens f5 software booting...

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 24 15:28:27 EDT 2014 | yuran111

don`t have. give me please it. simens f5 with 6 segment head and IC-head. two conveyor. and if you can lower the entire inner hard drive, and then erased accidentally and slipped from siemens s27. thanks

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