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Dye and Pry

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 13 01:42:58 EDT 2008 | Sean

Thanks Real Chunks and Davef...Yours input is valuable to me. My inputs towards your question asked below: Questions are: * Why did you tell us the following? "This BGA is installed with heatsink (with hook at both side of the heat sink) manually b

Dye and Pry

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 12 07:33:40 EDT 2008 | callckq

Hi All, One PCBA failed test after went through the Shock Test(Vibration) and suspected to be BGA solder ball crack. We performed dye and pry and found PCB's pad lifted with red mark ink penetrate pad underneath, what does this mean? Can I say the

Dye and Pry

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 12 23:00:10 EDT 2008 | davef

You can say: The pad was lifted after reflow and prior to the dye and pry failure analysis. When we see lifted pads, we think: * That's a good solder connection * Either it took a lot of force to lift that pad or the fabrication of the board in the

kapton dots and liquid solder mask

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 09 13:25:24 EDT 2005 | pr

From what I can gather, the annular rings are used for grounding when these boards are put in housings. A screw goes through the hole and is torqued down. If there is excess solder on the annular ring, the screw doesn't seat properly. The pallets cov

DDR3 - BGA VDD and VDDQ Pins - Design Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 02:57:16 EDT 2018 | robl

Hi, these are both power pins, usually connected to a dedicated inner VDD/VDDQ 1oz copper layer, making a very effective heatsink. I am guessing that not enough heat got to the ball to fully melt it, creating a weaker column rather than a beautifull

BGA ball crack at pad/solder ball interface

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 07 14:23:30 EST 2006 | russ

I wuld say it is attachment method and post install force that is the problem not the size of the heatsink. we place heatsinks that are at least 5 times the size of BGA with no issue, they are attached with very precision torque drivers. Russ


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