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Resistor height

Electronics Forum | Wed May 09 13:37:07 EDT 2007 | jmills

Greetings Tried to search past threads without an answer. I have a resistor that just fits the between pads. Some of the resisitor were installed without the termnation sitting on the pad and are infact sitting on solder a good .020 to .025 above th

Solder paste height checking

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 18 23:21:00 EST 2005 | JSS

Hi Everybody, Mostly customer asked about the solder paste height checking after printing process.Is it compulsory to check the height if we are using stainless steel stencil and metal blades in fully automatic printer.Any technical answer to their

optimum solder paste height

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 23 07:38:35 EST 1997 | raymond

how to determine the optimum solder paste height ?

Paste height SL

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 13:03:21 EST 2005 | Slow Ride

When it comes to solder paste, you should worry about volume. Granted height is a part of the equation, but you could have perfect height and still get defects. I wouldn't get too wrapped up in volume either, unless you're evaluating stencil height

Solder paste height capability

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 04 03:54:04 EDT 2009 | rafacadiz

I would like to perform a Solder paste height capability study. I will apreciate any info about and what equipment use to measure the height of the solder paste. I only found the attached equipment. Solder Paste Height Measurement System (SPM-300-3D

solder paste height standard

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 07 23:38:08 EST 2014 | m_imtiaz

want to know the tolerance the paste height in the solder paste printing. for example if stencil thickness is 7 mil, what will the acceptance level of paste height ( upper and lower) kindly share if any guidelines or formula for the same

Stencil past height issue

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 21 20:22:46 EST 2006 | mnguyen

Hi, I am having problem looking through IPC and finding according to ISO spec what should the paste height requirement vs stencil. EXAMPLE: The stencil is 5mils thick and according to the specs we have on paste height measurement the max height to be

Solder paste height measurement

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 13 14:48:49 EDT 2004 | Mark

I was wondering some input on what to use for measuring height on our solder paste for SMT placement. Is there a place to buy a machine or a scale in which you can use? I know in the past I have used a laser scope at another facility but where I am n

Solder paste height

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 06 12:38:34 EST 2009 | mgershenson

Is this a manual measurement machine? As already stated, knowing the height of the pad underneath the paste brick is critical to knowing the true height an/or volume of paste. Any decent automated inspection system will have a way to factor out the p

Solder height after reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 09 07:21:10 EST 2010 | scottp

You won't have 2 mil height because the solder doesn't remain brick shaped. It's a dome. In the past I tried doing some calculations using the formula for the volume of a spherical section and also tried using a simulation program that accounts for

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