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How to define solder paste printing height tolerance

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 10:42:09 EDT 2012 | saju86ece

Hi, I need one clarification about solder paste printing height tolerance. How to define and fix the solder paste height tolerance after screen printing for inspection purpose. Currently we are using 5mils thickness of stencil, in that we are gave

How to define solder paste printing height tolerance

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 16:07:05 EDT 2012 | davef

Start with targets based on the stencil thickness (for height) and stencil thickness times the aperture size (for volume). * Set reasonable upper and lower control limits (+ 25% and –25 % of the targets, for example). * Next, check the printer set-u

Parts date tolerance values

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 11 20:27:34 EDT 2018 | kellogs54

Hi All, Sorry if this seems a stupid question but we been having a huge amount or parts rejected on our placement machines. I started looking at the placement program and found the part tolerance date seems to tight. Before I go and open the tolera

Parts date tolerance values

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 12 16:55:58 EDT 2018 | esoderberg

I require component engineering to spec in multi vendor parts as long as the following exists 1.Mechanical +/- 15% 2. Same orientation in pocket 3. Same pocket dimensions I have to beat the engineering a few times per year but I think they have the

Parts date tolerance values

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 12 10:58:42 EDT 2018 | dleeper

I don't think there's really any industry standard tolerance setting or value. It's safe to open up the tolerances pretty wide as long as your placement accuracy doesn't suffer.

Re: Placement tolerance

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 30 22:43:36 EST 1999 | dean

| Does anyone know of a contract manufacturing house that can guarantee smt component placement and can verify placement of +/-.015? | | Thanks in advance | Question: mm, inches, or mils? I can do it. However, what is your reliability level? 9

Paste printing, acceptable tolerance ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 07 22:33:50 EDT 2006 | Bolos

first: what is your problem after reflow? second: a good rule of thumb is a tolerance of 1 mil. for example..if you got 5 thou stencil thickness then your range of thickness is 6-/+1 thou.. then you just improve after you get your height data and ana

Paste printing, acceptable tolerance ?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 26 08:16:14 EDT 2006 | Chunks

This could be what we call a "non-problem". If your print is off slightly, yet after reflow there is no solder related defects, it should be considered OK. Move your inspector from the printer to right after the oven. This would enable them to ins

Quad 4C part placement rejection

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 17 05:11:09 EST 2011 | bobpan

wow.....lets try some more things....... first....i think quad align error 0 has something to do with the theta number not being at 0,6000,12000,18000. I am not for sure about that but check it out by doing a function 3 on your pickups. second.....

solder paste height standard

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 08 08:20:52 EST 2014 | emeto

To most of our boards I give 20-30% tolerance in both directions. From experience if you have big aperture on your stencil, the squeegee will scoop certain amount of paste from this aperture and you will see lower height. Depending on your board supp

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