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: 5.35m, heated tunnel lenth: 3.3m 1240 12 heating zones, 4 cooling zones, overall lenth: 6.26m, heated tunnel lenth: 3.96m HELLER Description Machine Name Name/Model No Features Air & N2 Reflow Ovens   1500 5 zone   1700S Hot air   1800S     1800W     1900W     1700EXL     1800EXL     1900EXL for? Please send us an e-mail and we will respond to your requirement within with 24 hrs             ERSA VITRONICS HELLER CONCEPTRONICS ELECTROVERT BTU


HELLER I N D U S T R I E S Operation Manual, Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide for Oven Models 1500EXL, 1700EXL, 1800EXL & 1900EXL Heller P/N 680441 Revision: 3.8 Date ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------122 Introduction 1 I. How to Use this Manual This manual is applicable to all Heller oven models 1500EXLA, 1700EXLA, 1800EXLA and 1900EXLA running WINDOWS based software technician or engineer should perform this work. Before removing any panels, all power to the oven should be switched off and the temperature should be room ambient. Facility Installation 4 I. Unpacking The Heller oven is packed in two containers. The large are provided to prevent damage from excessive moisture, vibration, stress and mechanical shock during shipment. 5 III. Power Requirements Figure 2 shows the service conductor current capacity required for all Heller oven models. Please refer to the serial tag /1700EXL 100 Amps / phase 100 Amps / phase 1800EXL 100 Amps / phase 100 Amps / phase 1900EXL 100 Amps / phase CE Models wired for 63 Amps maximum current draw for high and low voltages. For other currents or voltages, please consult the factory. Figure 2

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