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MY100 or Samsung421 & MY500 or DEC Horizon03 ???

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 09:55:54 EDT 2010 | dyoungquist

We have a Heller 1707EXL (7 zone) and have been doing lead free with it since 2006.

Heller 1700SX or Heller 1700EXL for Lead free

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 03 13:09:44 EST 2008 | dyoungquist

We are using a Heller 1707EXL for both lead and lead-free assemblies with no problems. The zones can reach the temperatures needed for lead free. The belt speed can be adjusted so I'm not sure about your "run slow" comment. Maybe the 1707 is diffe

Require software for Heller 1707EXL

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 30 03:57:29 EDT 2019 | SMTA-David

Hi, I am looking for software for 2003 model 1707 EXL reflow oven (HC1 controller). I believe latest version for that model is (98 Win) or for XP. Thanks


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