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Heller 1088 Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 03 13:01:20 EST 2003 | jdumont

Good day all, we have a Heller Reflow oven here that has been in service for about 2 1/2 years now. Aside from 2 thermocouples going bad it hasn't had any problems. My question is, how often should it be serviced for preventative maint. and does an

Oven for lead free...???

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 14:27:22 EDT 2004 | jdumont

Hi all, I will be looking into ovens shortly for our conversion to lead free. I hear and understand why our Heller 1088 oven wont make the cut for lead free (4 zones isnt enough). Can anyone recommend a good mid range oven? We have been very happy


Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 10 06:52:51 EST 2002 | Dreamsniper

I'm using Kic Profiler and aluminium tape from Kic and thermocouples from Kic. They are good and reliable. I even manage to modify my heller 1088 by adjusting the fix conveyor and re-baffling the oven. Had dropped my 20-22 deg. C delta T down to 4.3

Reflow PBGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 28 01:06:49 EDT 2002 | Dreamsniper

Hi Steve, We have a Heller 1088 (4 Zone Oven) and we are using Indium NC92 with 2% silver. My Oven setting is: Zone 1 Top & Btm 125 Zone 2 Top & Btm 145 Zone 3 Top & Btm 188 Zone 4 Top & Btm 265 Belt Speed 34 cm/min I have run a profile

Heller Heating Element

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 13 00:05:11 EST 2012 | eadthem

Typical problems with our heller 1707 EXL would be blower issues. We have almost replaced every blower on the top sense purchase. Fortunately Heller is very good about honoring there warranty on the blowers which is quite long, Might be lifetime not

Reflow oven reliability?

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 10 08:40:21 EDT 2012 | donkudner

After selecting a few ovens based on the mfr's specifications, I plan to send them a thermal "slug" to run in their ovens (a 1/4" thick, high temp fiberglass slab with imbedded thermocouples). Since we are replacing ovens with fixed speed blowers wit

Re: Best reflow temperature

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 16 12:06:29 EDT 1999 | Scott S. Snider

| | | Hi, | | | | | | Can someone pls suggest to me the best reflow temperature setting | | | for a force air convection oven. The details is as follow. | | | 1) Heller 1700s | | | 2) 12 zone---6 top and 6 bot | | | 3) Solder paste --- Qualitek 691


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