Electronics Forum: heller 1800 exl

heller 1800w help

Electronics Forum | Mon May 02 15:21:47 EDT 2011 | davef

Marc, you are the best!!!

heller 1800w help

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 27 11:13:41 EDT 2011 | jhinckley

I have a 1800w that the main contactor will not pull in. When i push the contactor in manualy the power goes through but nothing turns on, when i push in the fan contactors all fans come on. The programs seem to load butnothing happens and the sp and

heller 1800w help

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 29 11:54:05 EDT 2011 | marcpeo

Jeff or Bilal at Heller can help out on this. Give a call to Heller at 800-394-OVEN and press 5 when the recording starts and one of the team will get to the bottom of it with you. Best, Marc

heller 1800w help

Electronics Forum | Fri May 06 06:27:24 EDT 2011 | james1903

John, If you do end up in need of a new 16cls controller, we currently have these both new old stock and salvaged/tested. Just mail me if the requirement comes up. BR James

heller 1800w help

Electronics Forum | Mon May 02 15:36:40 EDT 2011 | marcpeo

One more note on this. The techs tell me that the main reason for the PV immediately matching the Set Point is that the software is in "Edit Mode". This is a mode that allows one to iterate the software without the oven running. That might also ex

Heller 1800 exl wiring

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 15 14:51:37 EDT 2017 | bmalhi

If machine serial tag referring to 3Ph, 208-240V then you cannot apply 3Ph, 380V. In order to use 3Ph, 380V supply you have, machine needs to be retrofitted to work with this voltage. If you apply 380V without voltage conversion, you will damage som

Heller 1800 exl wiring

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 14 03:21:29 EDT 2017 | bukas

hello everyone, I got a Heller reflow oven that operates at 3x240V and a delta-delta transformer since my grid is 3x380V. the problem I have right now is that there is no neutral line at delta-delta transformer, also there is no neutral line at oven

Heller 1800 exl wiring

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 21 01:49:10 EDT 2017 | bukas

Thank you Bilal, i am aware that you can't run 3x240 machine at 3x380V, that is why i have delta-delta transformer. It was phase sequence after all, and machine is now running. Thank you all for your help.

Heller 1800 exl wiring

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 14 18:33:39 EDT 2017 | caurbach

1. Why isn't an electrician doing this? 2. Did you measure phase-to-phase voltage between each phase at the machine? 3. Phase rotation only affects the 3-phase motors. If it's out of sequence, the motors will spin backwards but everything else sho

Heller 1800 with Gen 9 Flux Cooling

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 14:41:10 EDT 2014 | leeg

We have just acquired a Heller 1800 with the Gen 9 Flux unit on, a couple of questions, is the Gen 9 a good unit? Does it have a standalone cooler? Is it easily retro-fitted out if we decide we would rather have normal extraction?

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