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0402 tombstoning and dewetting on QFP256 trade-off

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 05 11:53:09 EST 2009 | dcell_1t

Hello to all. for certain time, we have been struggling with some issues on a PCB where have tombstoning on 0402 components (due to pad design) and dewetting in qfp256 0.5 mil pitch (discussed on another threads on this forum) component, we have pro

New Reflow Oven?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 31 10:22:57 EDT 2011 | swag

We are going to buy a new reflow oven. I'm currently comparing Rehm VXS3150 and Heller 1809 Mark III. Both should meet our needs as far as zones. Does anyone have experience to share for either? Good service from these companies?

Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 16 23:29:52 EDT 2011 | ckyien

Hi, my company is looking for SMT lines. Currently our target for reflow oven is Eightech Tectron Lead free and Heller 1809MK3. Kindly please share your comments of pros and cons of these machines. Also please recommend other brands and models. Than

reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 08:41:02 EST 2019 | prasanth

dear experts, i want your suggestion for getting a profile in Heller 1707 mk iii series re-flow machine ,its 7 zone machine recently we had a solder ability issues , so pls guide me ,how to set rts profile parameters

reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 08:57:43 EST 2019 | prasanth

hello experts if you had anyone rts and rss profiles HELLER 1707 MK III series 7 zone machine pls forward me prasanth

Buying a new Reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 21 07:59:14 EDT 2020 | spoiltforchoice

We went Heller in the end, a combination of the brand the price and the support helped us make the choice. The profiling we have done suggests the short(ish) zones you get in a 1707Mk5 are pretty even and if you go though the Heller literature you'l

new reflow oven - which model/brand/ to choose?

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 27 06:43:59 EDT 2021 | sophyluo1985

Some thoughts of GOLDLAND: We recommend that you choose Vitronics or Heller brands. They are the most popular machines in the world. According to the long-term plan, your equipment needs maintenance and replacement parts in the future, so their parts

Oven Help

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 14 10:51:02 EST 2015 | dyoungquist

We have a two Heller ovens, 1707EXL (2006) and 1707MK III (2014). We use them for lead and lead-free reflow soldering including all the tricky components such as BGAs. You may want to go with 8 or 9 zones if you are running high volume but a 7 zone

Temperature variation Heller 1707 EXL

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 14 13:39:59 EDT 2013 | eadthem

Most of this you have probably covered, but these are what have caused heating issues for us in our 1707 EXL. First, you would probably notice, but check that all blowers are turning by looking at there cooling fans in the top and bottom, Our 170

No such thing as a Compact Reflow Oven?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 21 04:50:46 EDT 2018 | spoiltforchoice

I haven't used either of them but... The Essemtec distributors & their engineers over here do quite like the RO400 & 300 (typically not much to do on a service but clean them) and the places I am aware of that use them are happy enough with them too.

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