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Real power consumption of Heller 1707

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 09 18:35:01 EST 2011 | ngotranbestek

I have Oven Heller 1912EXL. I bought it is used machine ago 6 month Do anybody have experience about it? - How many speed Rail? - How many Zone need set, (10 zone or 11 or 12 zone need set?) - How is 3 cooling zone? need set or no?. ...

High Mass Board Reflow Oven Recommendation

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 13 12:39:20 EDT 2022 | SMTA-64386699

We produce some heavy copper multi-layer boards. 4-6 layer typ with 3oz throughout. WE currently are using a Heller 1912EXL with belt speed around 32-36 in/min. I am looking to replace this oven with a more efficient unit. To the best of my knowledg


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Heller Industries Inc.
Heller Industries Inc.

Reflow ovens for automated SMT PCB assembly, specializing in lead free processing and nitrogen reflow. The best convection reflow ovens on the market.


4 Vreeland Rd.
Florham Park, NJ USA

Phone: 973-377-6800