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any experience with the heller 988

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 16 09:51:25 EST 1999 | greg

has anyone used the small heller 988 reflow? If so what is your opinion of this machine.. is it comperable to the larger heller with a slower rate? i am looking for a small straight forward reflow for a thin, single sided project but i will dedica

Re: any experience with the heller 988

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 17 11:30:33 EST 1999 | Dave F

Greg: Heller 988s are good, solid, basic reflow machines that will turn paste liquid for 85-90% of all applications. I'm not sure what you mean by "is it comperable to the larger heller with a slower rate?" But, yes it will need to be run slower t

any sugg. on lead forming equip.

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 17 19:58:49 EDT 2007 | davef

Equipment Lead Forming Olamef 619.792.7328 fax 1966 ?? Equipment Lead Forming RotoForm 423.266.0067 fax 0105 Equipment Lead Forming Streckfuss 214.790.1614 fax 986.1148 rep Foundation Technologies Equipment Lead Forming TED/Heller

How to identify any Vibration Source in Reflow Oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 07 15:03:56 EDT 2019 | jmedernach

Which make and model oven do you have? In my past life, I had a problem with Hellers where what I think was called a clutch assembly would slip. As part of the PM on those ovens, we had to tighten that clutch assembly. If we didn't, the belt and e

Reflow Ovens

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 17 13:24:34 EDT 2005 | lyrtech

This is an excellent topic. We are currently regarding for a reflow oven. BTU seem to be good. I don't know the other companies. Why BTU and Vitronics seems to be the goodest? And about HELLER, any good/bad comments?

Heller heaters

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 06 17:04:25 EST 2011 | simmy

Look for 2 pairs of heaters for a Heller 1800s oven. Anyone know of any available?

Heller 1800W

Electronics Forum | Fri May 18 07:50:05 EDT 2007 | georgeiii

Hi All! I have a reflow owen Heller 1800W. I have a problem with it - din't work a cooling zone. There isn't radiator - can anybody send me a photo of this radiator and where I can find it ? Pump is not connected - I don't have a electric schematic f

Reflow oven feedback

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 17 10:30:03 EST 1998 | Kelly Morris

I am currently evaluating some different reflow ovens for a future purchase. The manufacturers we are looking at are Conceptronic, BTU, and Heller. Any feedback on these manufacturers would be welcome. I am particularly interested in: 1.Service res

Reflow Ovens

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 17 09:23:59 EDT 2005 | TPM

Any suggestions as to which company provides the best reflow oven? Currently comparing a BTU, Heller, and Vitronics. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Convention Ovens

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 04 10:02:42 EDT 2009 | thermpro

Many good brands available on the used Market. BTU, Heller, Thermpro. Can't go wrong with any of them.

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