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hello sam

Electronics Forum | Wed May 18 10:15:32 EDT 2005 | Sam Ho

Hello!Vera, How old are them? i knew the siemens machine is more expensive with the others.

hello sam

Electronics Forum | Wed May 18 02:52:02 EDT 2005 | vera1001

hello sma: maybe you can try the Siemens HS-180s, SP-120s. haha! vera vera@comofaje.com

hello sam!

Electronics Forum | Wed May 18 21:12:13 EDT 2005 | vera1001

hello sam: thanks for your reply! i wonder what's your email add? i will explain for you in detail.it's my pleasure. regards! vera vera@comofaje.com

hello sam

Electronics Forum | Wed May 18 05:02:01 EDT 2005 | Rob

Yes I can heartily reccommend them... as paperweights, conversation pieces, or antiques of the not too distant future.

hello every one!

Electronics Forum | Sun May 08 23:55:06 EDT 2005 | vera1001

hi all: how time filies,our holiday is finished from May 1st to May 7th.

Life of a Solder Stencil

Electronics Forum | Mon May 28 04:29:16 EDT 2001 | hello

we met the same problem with audit, and i make a tooling log for each stencil and in tooling log , set up some criteria for checking such as tension , mechanical damage, printing result ect. The stencil will be checked periodicly by process engineer,

TWS Quadra Laser - Anyone?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 27 01:47:20 EDT 2017 | marios1

Hello Have you sell it? hello the machine are still here

Re: Desperately looking for help

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 13 20:39:04 EST 2000 | Dave F

Hello Dr. Fuzz, this is Dave. I'm right in the middle of giving myself an appendectomy and could use your advice on some of the finer points. Let's see, I've made a lateral cut across my stomach and for the life of me [heh heh] can't remember if th

pick & place

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 20 04:19:21 EST 2007 | saiprasad_k82

hello everyone....

Soldering or Sadering?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 22 10:24:11 EDT 2007 | cyber_wolf

I think its like : "Lets go pock tha kah". Translation: Lets go park the car "Hello this is the potts dah-pot-mint" Translation: Hello this is the parts department. Hehehe.....I love it!

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