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Package rebake

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 09 01:22:39 EST 2019 | kenneth0

Hi Simond, The baking process is likely to remove any moisture after the cleaning process. We wouldn't want any moisture trapped as this might cause delamination if the package is subject to subsequent heating/reflow process. Hence there's a staging


Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 01 10:42:43 EDT 2014 | spoiltforchoice

Saw one for sale recently, even the broker didn't seem sure about this information, hence it was cheap.

component baking process

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 19 19:51:31 EDT 2004 | aaronrobinson

thanks for your reply ....yes the air is then able to hold more water vapour.... but so is the component hence there is no water vapour pressure difference and the component and the air in the oven would still be in equilibrium???? hence no effective

MPM UP2000 Installation

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 03 10:18:50 EDT 2006 | amol_kane

Hi Smartasp, would you mind giving the name/ more info of the company you work for? (this is not related to the post and hence we can take it offline if you want). my e-mail address is amol_kane@hotmail.com I am originally from India, and hence inte

Gold coated spring contacts

Electronics Forum | Tue May 29 15:00:15 EDT 2001 | surteess

Sorry guys but you missed the point - I am looking at thicknesses for SPRING contacts - such as the ones used in the telephone plugs that fit into the wall socket, I cannot find a telecom standard - hence thought some PCBers might be able to shine a

Reflow Oven vs 0402 Tomb Stone

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 11 21:27:43 EDT 2001 | procon

Way to go CPI! This is a classic example of design. Many people experience this when the have an 0402 close to a QFP or other large components. The pad closest to the larger component will become liquidous later than the pad farthest. Hence, a new t

Broken Traces in PCB

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 12 16:54:37 EDT 2002 | sasharm2

We are getting broken traces in PCBAs, any idea why. In addition, only few of the boards show this problem, hence I don't think it is an issue with the board manufacturer. thanks, SS

Wave Soldering - Icicling/Bridges

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 31 14:35:48 EST 2003 | russ

I would go for the laminar flow as opposed to N2. The contour nozzle doesn't really work all that well even with N2. I knew I should of asked you if you had a contour, I was thinking laminar flow hence the dynamics input. Russ

Pick Up Error

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 06 08:36:06 EDT 2004 | vinitverma

Do you mean to say that the turrets can compensate for the height? I thought it was purely a mechanical up-down movement with the cam and hence the thickness hardly has any effect!

Inline PCB Cleaners

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 26 15:51:06 EST 2006 | tzawaide

We're currently using adhesive-type board cleaners (TekNek), and they've been more troublesome than anything. They cause a lot of hangups, and hence causing m/c crashes, etc. Any recommendations on PCB cleaners that can be integrated into the prod

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