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Rework station evaluation

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 29 08:47:09 EDT 2000 | lh_zeng

Hi guys, Did any one do evaluation between SRT summit 1100 and Freedom HGR2000 rework station? Hope I can share some experience about advantage and defect of these two product.

Re: BGA Inspection

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 18 17:13:36 EDT 1999 | Tony A

try www.qtron.com they have a CRT X-Ray system and a Conceptronics HGR 2000 rework station.. Good luck

BGA rework systems

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 25 16:46:17 EST 2002 | timreisenleiter

Any experience with the Conceptronic freedom-2000/HGR2000 system? I have the opportunity to pick one up for about 15k USD. The system new is approximately 51K, putting it into the high end of BGA/CSP/chip-scale rework systems, the specs. are really h

what to buy?

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 21 01:57:55 EDT 2009 | kaz

Hello All, My first visit here. I own and operate a small Industrial & Consumer Electronics Service Shop. There is more and more modules with high density fine pitch SMDs that we cannot handle. We bought PACE ThermoFlow BGA SMD station with a bunch o


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