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Leakage resistance in PCB

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 04 20:27:25 EST 2002 | davef

1,000 G ohm ||100 M ohm Dielectric Constant ||9.5 ||4.9 Loss Factor ||5 - 20 ||200 * E indicates exponent Continuing: * Spacing between same plane traces effect the electical parameters between the traces. * Dielectric materials used between diff

Question of delamination in PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu May 07 20:28:35 EDT 2009 | davef

From our notes, the following is a series of snips from: "Copper Dissolution in Tin" LJ Turbini, PhD, adjunct faculty member, University of Toronto, Materials Science and Engineering, SMT 2/07 As the solder becomes molten, copper from the board diff

How to strengthen the ability of anti-interference in PCB design

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 20 03:58:39 EST 2014 | hhat

To get the best performance of electronic circuits, components and circuit board supports circuit components and devices in electronic products. Even if the circuit principle diagram design is correct, the printed circuit board is designed improperly

10 Methods for PCB Heat Dissipation

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 26 02:00:36 EDT 2020 | chucherry5076

https://www.jrpanel.com/R The heat generated by electronic equipment causes the internal temperature to rise rapidly. If the heat is not dissipated in time, the equipment will continue to heat up and the components will overheat and fail, resulting

Re: Reflow Profiling

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 01 14:44:04 EST 1998 | Terry Burnette

| Hi | I have been conducting my first reflow profiles. Most of the texts that I have read suggest soldering the thermocouples to a populated pcb. I am finding this very difficult. I have been using a high melting point (Sn5 / Pb95) solder and the


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