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Re: Help... Need new or used SOIC-16 metal tubes - Do You Really??

Electronics Forum | Tue May 05 15:45:37 EDT 1998 | Dave F

| Looking to buy used or new tubes, that will fit an SOIC-16 | Need these tubes ASAP. We need to bake these parts and drypack. | Please email or call if you can help. | Eric Jenkins | 801 956-0897 Eric I'm not sure of the manufacturer of the parts th

Moisture Sensative Components

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 05 17:54:04 EST 2004 | davef

Even with the best of intentions, some lots of components just last too long. Recognize that controlled environment storage is only a delaying tactic. So when the piper come to play and baking becomes inevitable, we "repackage" components in tubes

MSD classification

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 22 07:59:42 EST 2004 | davef

Search the SMTnet Archives for suppliers of high temperature bake tubes, trays, and reels.

Moisture sensitive components (MSC)

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 20 16:33:08 EST 2001 | davef

Time, time, time. There just never seems to be enough!!! Eh? You�re correct. Depending on the material, some trays can take a high temperature bake, while other trays, in addition to tubes, and reels, require a low temperature bake. With this la

MS Level 6

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 25 20:32:44 EDT 2001 | davef

You�re correct. This is a messy situation. Do not store components at the bake temperature longer than the time required to dry out the units for use in the reflow. Long storage times at elevated temperatures can cause soldering problems and the

Re: Baking Components ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 30 17:22:48 EDT 1999 | Dave F

| | Surface Mount Components like QFP's in Tray usually comes sealed in an anti-static plastic pack. In case the QFP's were removed from the said anti-static bag for more than 2 weeks, do these components needed to be baked for they might produce so


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