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When to implement high speed pick and place machines?

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 04 09:52:49 EST 2014 | emeto

Whenever your line doesn't cover your requirements and you can't build your boards in schedule, it is time to go to higher throughput machines. Of course you should have some contracts for the next year or two that will cover your line. You should kn

When to implement high speed pick and place machines?

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 04 05:15:40 EST 2014 | spoiltforchoice

Take a look at the ROI tools supplied my MyData and others and draw inspiration from there. Presumably if you are looking at a higher speed line you are looking at higher throughput than you currently achieve or possibly fewer/shorter shifts? The eco

Need used pick and place for low volume, high mix - suggestions?

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 28 16:35:17 EDT 2010 | mbrunton

Thanks for the reply. Can I ask you a few questions.. -Do you prefer the IVC or the IIC? -What sort of actual components/hour throughput do you get? -Did you have any issues with the machines? (so I can check anything I buy to be sure it's free

Conformal Coating Machines

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 13 01:40:20 EDT 2004 | dj_ruf

You should look at the Asymtek Conformal Coating machines. The C-740 is easy to program, high throughput and proven repeatability. Used at top electronics and automotive manufacturing sites throughout Europe, Asia-pacific, and the Americas.

Re: High Temp Solder Application

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 15 06:44:54 EST 2000 | andy

John , I had some experience of selective solder in a high throughput environment and though the quality of s/s was good , the throughput was not . So if throughput is an issue , forget it . I would go with the hand-solder option , although as has be

Life Expectancy

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 15 03:22:51 EDT 2018 | directx995

Well it's hard to compare these 2 machines. GC60 is chip shooter with high throughput, and GI14 is for more complex component, especially in our case, we use it with Magellan camera on one side for big and complex components. Just as any other manuf

New equipment evaluation

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 02 17:50:11 EDT 2012 | hegemon

Rather than a catalogue af all the machines and their specs, you might start by defining what YOUR requirements are... some machines are better suited for low mix, high throughput, some better suited for low volume, high changeover rate. Ask yoursel

Ball Deformation Inspection for CSP devices

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 02 07:15:49 EDT 1999 | SC

I am currently sourcing equipment to mount CSP devices. I have looked at the GSM Flexjet & also the Siemens 80 F series. However these machines only look for ball presence not ball deformation. Panasonic are the only ones who have a 3-D camera capabl

Buying a new Reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 21 05:08:16 EDT 2020 | arty vesna

Hi there. I am currently kinda in the same spot as the author of the thread. My choice is between Rehm VXC and Heller 1809. I am a little concerned about Heller advertising their 25cm/10 in zones. I am used to large ovens designed for high throughput

Immersion silver leaching.

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 07:48:00 EDT 2004 | Dougie

Hi Ken, Our product is consumer, although our product is sold on it's reliability. We run a low volume high mix throughput. Any ideas on timescale for the Ag leaching? Sounds like it could be a safer bet to use Imm Sn boards with the Sn/Cu/Ni bar w

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