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Re: smt on flexible board

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 20 07:09:03 EST 1999 | Christopher Lampron

Ron, The simplest way to process fexible PCB's that I have found is to use a process carrier fixture. There are companies that manufacture process carriers that are capable of holding flex through stencil, placement and reflow. The carriers are capab

Re: smt on flexible board

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 20 19:09:54 EST 1999 | Chris

If your flex circuit is only populated on one side, you can have the PCB vendor palletize the flex for you. What you do is have the flex circuit laminated to 062" FR4 using a thermoset adhesive like Dupont WA. Standard flex circuit adhesive. Howev

Standard kit in LVHM environment

Electronics Forum | Fri May 09 11:02:00 EDT 2003 | k_h

Thinking about it, if I was designing machines and based on my experience I would offer a high feeder count, high flexibility machine and low speed. In addition another machine with low feeder count, not flexible (8mm parts) and high speed.

What do you thing about new NXT

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 07 18:27:36 EDT 2004 | Mario Alberto -

Hi Guys!! What do you thing about the new NXT Fuji. This new machine apperar with new concept for high flexible mounters to compete with CM402 Panasonic and HS60. I would like receive comments about this new machine in your contry. In a few months

SMT Equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu May 24 15:10:23 EDT 2001 | caldon

ernman - From your question.........All the top PNP companies are good.....with that aside what is the requirements? High mix/low vol? Flexibility? High through put? Big Boards? Change over?Low mix/ high Vol.? This will help with ruling out companie

Top 5 for high mix/various volume

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 09 16:55:11 EDT 2008 | sys_steven

What is everyone's top 5 equipment lines for high mix, with flexiblity to do multiple volumes.

A.O.I - Design - Brainstorm

Electronics Forum | Mon May 09 18:43:58 EDT 2005 | keegomaster

Hi everyone! Me and my R&D team are working on the design of a highly flexible AOI. I'd like to know your "wishlist" on what you'd like a brand-new AOI to have. I gotta figure out the competitive advantage; what a better place than this "Agora". I'd

Re: Flexible Cicuits

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 18 14:49:23 EST 2000 | Charles Harper

Probably the most important recent event has been the acquisition of International Flexible Technologies by Scheldahl,whose strength in flexible materials will have a major growth impact for flexible circuits--already growing nicely.Also,continuing a

need new sm line

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 19 02:12:44 EDT 2004 | vinitverma

I feel the TopazXIIs or the Opal XIIs (both from Assembleon) should be the perfect fit with low cost and high productivity/capability/flexibility. Regards Vinit

High-Mix SMT Line (PnP/AOI Eval.)

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 26 08:10:26 EDT 2018 | mkamp

Hello All, I am currently conducting machine evaluations in order to choose the right machinery for a High-Mix Low-Volume SMT line. I am looking for any kind of information/evaluation on PnP machines as well as AOIs. In terms of high-flexibility P

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