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Re: smt on flexible board

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 20 07:09:03 EST 1999 | Christopher Lampron

Ron, The simplest way to process fexible PCB's that I have found is to use a process carrier fixture. There are companies that manufacture process carriers that are capable of holding flex through stencil, placement and reflow. The carriers are capab

Re: smt on flexible board

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 20 19:09:54 EST 1999 | Chris

If your flex circuit is only populated on one side, you can have the PCB vendor palletize the flex for you. What you do is have the flex circuit laminated to 062" FR4 using a thermoset adhesive like Dupont WA. Standard flex circuit adhesive. Howev

What do you thing about new NXT

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 07 18:27:36 EDT 2004 | Mario Alberto -

Hi Guys!! What do you thing about the new NXT Fuji. This new machine apperar with new concept for high flexible mounters to compete with CM402 Panasonic and HS60. I would like receive comments about this new machine in your contry. In a few months

Fuji Pick and Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 15 19:11:14 EDT 2004 | grayman

Hi, This discussion is really getting long. Fuji and other high speed mounter is great and better than small flexible mounter when it comes to speed.But, I rather suggest a modular mounter specially for subcon companies. Let say we combined 2 or 3 m

i have to buy one NXT from Fuji What do you think???

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 11:24:10 EST 2004 | fastek

You're correct Rob. If you go back any amount of time in this business like it sounds you have (and I know I have), it wasn't that long ago that companies like Philips and Seimens were way behind everyone else, (Fuji and Pana) when it came to buildin

RX-7 | High Speed Compact Modular Mounter feedback and common problems

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 13 05:11:41 EDT 2019 | alexcouto

I'm rehearsing and preparing the maintenance of the High Speed ​​Compact Modular Mounter the model RX-7 for Juki. Does anyone have opinions and feedback on these equipment?

JUKI KE760 Flexible mounter: installation software needed

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 29 12:29:37 EDT 2021 | jojoled

Hi, can anybody provide a Installation software for JUKI KE/FM760L,named as "Juki Flexible mounter 1.35 " or similar version? I need to change the PCB max.width limit from 410mm to 560mm(heads can travel that far, no problem) and on disk the MSDOS so

Samsung SM421

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 19 22:47:58 EST 2016 | sarason

Is this of any use? http://www.sinerji-grup.com/smd-machines/samsung-machines/sm421-advanced-flexible-smd-mounter Also there is a video of the SM421 on EEVBlog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O99iFRqjeRE regards sarason

JUKI KE760 Flexible mounter: installation software needed

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 01 01:53:47 EDT 2021 | sophyluo1985

Please add my social software, or send me an email, GOLDLAND will help you. Tel: +86-18033446355 (Whatsapp/WeChat) Skype: QUINN LUO Email: sales07@feedersupplier.com

Re: Intelliplace and Europlacer

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 03 11:01:03 EST 1998 | Walter Cole

Hi Scott, I am a regional manager for Multitroniks and would be glad to assist you with additional information on the systems you are asking about. Both of these machines can be demonstrated for you any time at our factory in Warren, NJ. Below I'l

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