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contact 3av head homing errors

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 23 14:39:10 EDT 2010 | markgray

What is the exact message on the screen?

contact 3av head homing errors

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 20 06:29:27 EDT 2010 | darrenleebs

i have an old contact 3av pick and place machine that has started to display placement head position errors. the machine seems to start working if you switch it on and leave it for a couple of hours to warm up. has anybody had simillar issues with th

contact 3av head homing errors

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 23 11:37:43 EDT 2010 | flipit

I had 4 of these machines. They are good machines but I have seen this error often. Is the problem only on one head L or R? If so swap electronics L to R and see if it follows. You can even swap the Y motors. The items that could cause this prob

contact 3av head homing errors

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 24 16:01:07 EDT 2010 | dougt

I remember this problem but can't remember exactly what the reason was. It might have been the wrong pullup resistor on the MEI interface board used for the home photo on the y axis. You are right, after a couple hours the machine would work fine.

Samsung QSA error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 17:54:17 EDT 2017 | simons

The machine does not move to the home position. Once we hit the "Home" button all three heads will move up to the "Home" position but then 5 to 10 seconds later the following error pops up "Error 1531 - Z Axis motor alarm" before any "xy" movement i

Juki feeder rise error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 21 07:01:02 EST 2013 | ericrr

I can not believe this, We get back from Summer holidays turn on the first machine Juki KE750L goes to do a home and before the head moves, Error notice: rear feeder rise error, I go around the back, nothing out of place. but notice the receiver end

Samsung QSA error

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 11:04:20 EDT 2017 | bobpan

So what your telling me is kind of vague. Does the machine home and go to the front left corner of the machine? If it does....this could be a quad align problem....meaning dirt on the lens or so-forth. You should watch the heads homing in the z-axi

Samsung QSA error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 08 18:40:44 EDT 2017 | simons

We have a Samsung that we have replaced all the amps and are still getting the Z axis motor alarm failure. On the “Position Window” before and after we try to “Home” the machine, the values for “Z-Axis” for all three heads prior to the “Home” action

Topaz X error

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 13 18:13:58 EST 2019 | slthomas

I'm trying to visualize how that machine is laid out. Do they all rotate together, on a belt, so that there's only one sensor for the theta (R) home position?

VCD message error

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 15 12:20:26 EST 2021 | proceng1

It sounds like the homing switch isn't being made when it zeros. Alpha 1 Technologies can probably help. 607-772-2900 That's who we call for VCD issues.

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