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Last bug, I hope

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 01 11:48:17 EDT 1998 | Clifford Peaslee

There was a small problem when the month has changed, which would not allow you to reply to an older thread. I have fixed that problem. Thanks for your patience. Cliff

Problems with .45 mil ball diameter BGA....

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 29 07:09:10 EDT 2005 | jdumont

Really you think the 256 is the issue eh? I have some a sample of the type 4 powder size coming in hopefully today. Hopefully that will help, if not its back to the old solder eval drawing board. I love my job...


Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 22 12:33:04 EDT 2005 | patrickbruneel

Jason, If IPC has no bearing on the state of the RoHS, I hope that one day some organization will. Here's a thread from another forum that hopefully makes the RoHS supporters re-think. http://www.smtinfo.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=84

New SMT line - Need equipment selection help

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 30 09:42:06 EDT 2006 | doug johnson

Thanks guys. The Mydata is built like a tank and simply turned on and ran. I was involved with US gov negotiations with China in the late 80's, and have seen the changes. Wholesale transfer of entire bodies of mfg knowledge, complete gutting of large

Re: Testing Electrolytic caps with Mydata

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 26 21:56:48 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Christopher: Hope the link below helps. Dave F

Re: How to calcula DPPM.

Electronics Forum | Tue May 23 22:47:10 EDT 2000 | Dreamsniper

BASIC: No. of defective joints PPM = ----------------------------- x 1000000 Total No. of Joints inspected hope this will help...

Re: How to calcula DPPM.

Electronics Forum | Tue May 23 22:48:29 EDT 2000 | Dreamsniper

BASIC: PPM = No. of defective joints ----------------------------- x 1000000 Total No. of Joints inspected hope this will help...

Why So Many Repeat Messages?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 26 09:54:13 EDT 2001 | akruppa

We will be looking into this today. Hopefully, we will have a solution by the end of the day!

PCBoard Marking

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 05 11:39:24 EDT 2001 | welsh

Try looking at TDK they make an inline laser marker hope it is of some help!

Standard for BGA void

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 23 14:44:58 EDT 2002 | mzaboogie

Hi Ben, IPC610 has a pass/fail of 25% of ball volume. Hope this helps

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