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Dek Horizon

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 22 14:56:43 EDT 2008 | dekhead

Presuming this is the braided cable for the Adjustable Stencil mount on Horizon, etc. 177055 http://www.dekhead.com

DEK Printer File Format

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 14 18:34:01 EDT 2018 | jacobidiego

We have horizon 03i and neo horizon 03ix

DEK 265 to DEK Horizon 2 question

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 18 18:23:15 EST 2020 | dekhead

Similar to this on Horizon i. 2 different versions used on Horizon; crank on standard chase, slider (as shown) on ASM.

Dek Horizon 03i

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 03 16:13:12 EST 2008 | vikkaraja


Dek Horizon 03i

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 06 12:38:03 EST 2008 | realchunks


DEK Horizon Underside Stencil cleaner

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 30 21:56:47 EST 2008 | rayjr1491

On the DEK Horizon there are two options for underside cleaning one is a foam cleaner and paper cleaner that advances. The Foam cleaner cleans using liquid but does not increment and foam piece and can be washed but there are still contaminents. We h

Dek Horizon 265 Rising Table Motor

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 14:44:34 EDT 2013 | falvarez

Im needing an Rising table motor for Dek Horizon, but with a 4000 count encoder, because that motor i bought become with a 1000 count encoder and not worked. any suggestion?

Dek Horizon 265 Rising Table Motor

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 23:21:40 EDT 2013 | dekhead

1000ct encoder is the only one used on DEK Horizon (Typhoon Series); 2 different manufacturers, but interchangeable. http://www.dekhead.com

Ekra 4000 vs DEK Horizon

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 26 05:12:06 EST 2014 | sams

Which printer should I choose to medium volumes, many BGA, will use built-in inspection. Will not acquire any SPI. EKRA 4000 or DEK Horizon.

Need DEK Horizon restore image

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 02 16:44:53 EDT 2015 | ilavu

I am looking for DEK restore disc image for Horizon machine. My machine is with ARCOM computer not the ADVANTEC. If any one with ARCOM computer image who can share with me, Please let me know.

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