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Fuji Host Interface vs. FujiFlexa User Host Interface (Fuji NXT)

Electronics Forum | Tue May 25 22:34:22 EDT 2021 | hgurusamy

Hi, wondering if anyone knows what is the difference between the Fuji Host Interface and the FujiFlexa User Host Interface. We are trying to purchase the Host Interface v6.28 in order to pull data from the NXT machine into our system but the Fuji re

Insertion Optimization

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 15 09:22:59 EDT 1998 | Sergio Luiz Vito

Hello, I am working in optimization of PANASERT MVIIF insertion programs and need some help. The result of PANAPRO HOST OPTIMIZATION is not too good - Sometimes assembly time after optimization is poor than original program (With no panapro host opt

Fuji Host Interface vs. FujiFlexa User Host Interface (Fuji NXT)

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 10 18:33:05 EDT 2021 | kojotssss

Hi, Maybe you mean NXT versions? (application versions for nxt modules, accessory etc..?)

Fuji Host Interface vs. FujiFlexa User Host Interface (Fuji NXT)

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 11 01:54:47 EDT 2021 | sophyluo1985

Hi,Helena,We have helped you to check, this thing should be an encryption key (similar to a U disk) or a software. We asked the FUJI engineer

PCI & Compact PCI

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 19 01:59:15 EST 2001 | dadi

I'm looking for a Transtarent & Non-Transparent PCI-to-PCI bridge that compliant with the Compact PCI Spec. This bridge must have the ability to be configured as Transparent or Non-Transparent. I aware to one chip that have those abilities. This chip

Re: Insertion Optimization

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 22 01:56:54 EDT 1998 | Lance A. Smalley

Panapro Host Optimization should actually be very good. Make sure you're not using a fixed setup or the feeder carriage will move alot. Also make sure you do not change parts data in the machine after the program has been generated or speed of the

Re: CM62 Host control, offline file management.

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 17 19:20:13 EST 2000 | Brian Book

They are the mechaniclly centered machines, but they have the floppy drive installed. They are dinasuar's, but you don't have to spend millions on production lines to build boards. You never know what people have in their warehouses. I'm sure that

Import Coordinate data into MCS30

Electronics Forum | Tue May 12 07:31:29 EDT 2009 | jdengler

Dana, I forgot that the MCS30 also needs host software installed. Did you recently buy this or have you had it for a while? If you have recently purchased it off of a dealer they may have what you need. You could try contacting some of the used d


Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 29 12:39:07 EDT 1998 | Coogan

GEM (Generic Equipment Model) and SECS (Semiconductor Equipment Communications Standard)were developed to provide an standard communications protocal for equipment of different manufacturers. However, although the machines connected through GEM "tal

GEM interfacing with MPM printers

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 02 06:57:18 EST 1998 | Brian Pollitt

We're using Cimetrix Host Manager to communicate with MPM UP3000 printers specifically to capture measurement and system settings and error messages. It all works fine until the printer is taken off line. The GEMComm S/W on the MPMs PC (DOS) doesn't

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