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debridging hot air knife.

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 13 05:25:03 EDT 2001 | surachai

I would like to know about the efficiency of hot air knife debridging option with wave solder machine ,anyone use this option please suggestion to me about yield ,side effect or profitable of this option . Thanks.

debridging hot air knife.

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 14 10:34:42 EDT 2001 | davef

This portion of SMTnet is intended for people whining about the operation of the forums and what-not. A lot of the people asking questions like your use the production forum. We don't have an air knife on our wave, but I recall some threads on SMTn

hot air rework station / solder paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 16 23:34:56 EST 2006 | mds33200

Hi, I am new in this industry and have purchased a beguinner unut, a 3-in-1 solder, desolder, hot air station. Currently I work on cellphone mainboards. At the moment I only replace single large chips on the mainboard. I would like to be able to repl

hot air rework station / solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 17 15:12:26 EST 2006 | mds33200

Hi, I am located in Auburn Mass (USA) right near Worcester. Now I noticed you talked about micro stencil for a populated PCB, would I need one? Or could I use a syringe to lay a tiny dot of paste since im only replacing a chip or 2 (at the moment)? I

hot air rework station / solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 17 16:24:18 EST 2006 | billwestiet

I'm in North Attleboro, small world. To answer your question, you can deposit small dots of paste with a syringe. Kind of tricky work, and there are small stencil soluions out there fairly inexpensively. See http://www.minimicrostencil.com/ (I do

hot air rework station / solder paste

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 17 14:42:06 EST 2006 | billwestiet

Mark, This is a big topic. Where are you located, it would probably be best to hook you up with someone in your area. Anyhow, lead or lead free should be based on whether the circuits are lead or lead free. I would guess that cell phones would all

SMT-1160 (1102) hot air pencil OK Ind PUMP KIT?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 10 22:41:56 EDT 2008 | davef

Did you try here: http://cgi.ebay.com/OK-INDUSTRIES-INC-SMT-1160-HOT-AIR-SOLDERING-SYSTEM_W0QQitemZ130237552185QQihZ003QQcategoryZ26261QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Manual reflow using hot air.

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 29 20:32:08 EST 2000 | irwanm

I'm new in SMT and the company I'm working with has already purchased SMFL-3000 manual pick & place system with hot air and we don't have reflow oven. We are now starting design SMT board. My question is, how we reflow the solder? After all component

Re: Adhesive on hot PCBs

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 13 21:05:34 EST 1999 | Curtis T.

Ken, we always build the bottom side of the board first. That also insures that there isn't any problems with the actives being reflowed and falling off in the glues curing process. By the way we do both paste and glue on the bottom of the boards t

smt plant air quality

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 05 20:25:27 EDT 2001 | davef

Sorry that I'm so late responding. Your new additon probably has 'backee stains on the floor already. Assuming we're talking about a fairly standard board assembly area, you don't need to specify air quality. 1 We specify * Particulate: Level to b

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