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hot bar and lead free

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 07 12:09:40 EST 2004 | Kris

Hi All, Does any body have any information on hot bar lead free soldering ? Need papers or experimental data ASAP Thanks

Hot Bar Manufacturing for PCBA's

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 16 12:01:21 EDT 1999 | Gary Kemp

I have a potential customer who is enquiring as to our capability to perform Hot Bar manufacturing for their PCBA's. Can anyone explain to me what "Hot Bar" mfg. is? thanks.

Re: Need information/soldering profile! / Hot Bar

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 27 11:17:02 EDT 1998 | Dave F

| hi, | I would like to ask for help if anybody is able to provide any information on the soldering method below. | (1)Hot-Bar Reflow Soldering | (2)Fiber Focussed IF Soldering. | I would really appreciate if you can share with me. | Thanks. | | be

Hot Bar Mfg.

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 16 11:58:17 EDT 1999 | Gary Kemp

A potential customer of our is inquiring if we have capability for Hot Bar manufacturing in the PCBA manufacturing world. If someone can explain to me what this entails, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Laser soldering LED's

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 07 09:51:39 EST 2008 | pjc

I have seen the application with hot-bar soldering machines for SOT 23 LED packages. I could not find any of the machines in my search that specially state SOT 23 packages, but you might want to check with these guys: http://www.unitekequipment.com/

Hot Bar Soldering

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 19 11:57:29 EST 2008 | robinj

Experts, Any advise on Hot Bar Soldering.I'm relatively new to this process.What are the pros and cons as opposed to using connector?

Hot Bar Soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 22 10:24:06 EST 2008 | ck_the_flip

Yes I agree with Emil that the Jig/Fixture design is crucial for alignment. The hot-bar machine I worked with came with a digital camera and monitor to aid with alignment. Other than that, the right profile (heat, pressure and dwell), and a good fl

Hot Bar soldering (FPC to PCB)

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 16 04:47:43 EDT 2009 | zhengjb

Any acceptance criteria for hot bar soldering finishing? e.g. IPC-A-610? or anything else?

Hot Bar Soldering

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 05 11:51:36 EST 2013 | aj

Hi all, Would welcome comments relating to Hot Bar soldering... Best equip suppliers and things to look out for... Also, is there a machine with multiple heads instead of having to change heads for each different size? aj...

Soldering LCD Flex to PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 03 09:37:54 EST 2015 | capse

Hot bar soldering or hot bar bonding with ACF is widely used for your applications. A company I represent can assist you; Fancort Industries.

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