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BGA rework station

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 04:54:44 EDT 2001 | mugen

METCAL has a good unit, for BGA rework, and it uses Hot Air Reflow (convection). The pros and cons of Hot Air Vs IR, you can find easily ard u... em are ageless topics, happy debating. hint : good reasons why SMT Reflow Ovens, were IR switched to

Hot Air Knife

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 24 20:31:52 EDT 2003 | tejasdpatel

Hi People! We are leading assembler of car audio systems in US. Since last few weeks we have extream problems with wavesolder operations, bridging is a major defect. To solve this we have decided to install Hot Air Knife. I contacted Electrovert but

Manual reflow using hot air.

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 29 20:32:08 EST 2000 | irwanm

I'm new in SMT and the company I'm working with has already purchased SMFL-3000 manual pick & place system with hot air and we don't have reflow oven. We are now starting design SMT board. My question is, how we reflow the solder? After all component

Re: Component Failure caused by Hot Air Knife

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 21 12:03:35 EDT 2000 | Boca

We have been using a hot air knife on Electrovert equipment for a few years. It must be set up properly for a given machine, primarily the distance from the trailing edge of the wave. Sometimes the set up must be adjusted for the assembly being sol

Re: Why would I want to use photonic soldering for my rework applications?

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 18 17:55:55 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Reworking BGA with hot air systems (ie, AirVac, SRT) is fairly complicated and requires fairly rigorous process control. Please compare and contrast BGA rework using hot air and your laser based system.

debridging hot air knife.

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 13 05:25:03 EDT 2001 | surachai

I would like to know about the efficiency of hot air knife debridging option with wave solder machine ,anyone use this option please suggestion to me about yield ,side effect or profitable of this option . Thanks.

Hot Air Nife

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 28 13:53:00 EDT 1999 | Tony Arteaga

Anyone using hot air nife for wave soldering process. Does it work? Does it really eliminate solder bridging and does it create any other problems? any feed back will be much appriciated. Thanks Tony A

Hot air, hand held rework stations for Pb free production

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 07 17:04:28 EDT 2005 | bhu

Anyone have any recommendations for hot air, hand held rework stations? We currently use Hakko for leaded assembly. We already have a sniper for bga rework.

Hot air, hand held rework stations for Pb free production

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 04:10:52 EDT 2005 | Rob

Danotherms for hot air rework & Metcal MX500's for irons = very happy staff (& very unhappy accountants!)


Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 12 02:09:43 EDT 2007 | aram

Dear ALL, I Wish to know 1.which type of rework station is best compare to the IR or HOT air convection. 2.Which process plays best reliabilty on soldering after post soldering process. Pls, suggest ur best

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