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Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 09 13:53:31 EST 2003 | cnoonan

Dear Susan, Can you email me at cjnoonan1 at hotmail .com. What type of equipment do you have? I can forward you my resume from my hotmail account. Look forward to speaking with you soon. Regards, Chris

Wave Solder Troubleshooting chart

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 14 01:28:29 EST 2002 | Armin

please send me a copy too of the above....armynski1@hotmail.com thanks and regards

MPA or IP1 ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 09 03:59:56 EST 2003 | kuantt

Please write to me at kuantt@hotmail.com

Crystalized Flux under BGA

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 05 13:47:04 EDT 2004 | davef

Try: dave5252 at hotmail.com

Lead Free Choices

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 13 08:24:46 EDT 2005 | jdengler

Imagine that. He not only isn't registered here but uses a Hotmail account.

Where do you find SMT Programmers?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 20 07:09:40 EDT 2020 | bukas



Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 10 14:51:37 EST 2000 | Larry

I would like to find someone who wants to sell their Pads PowerPCB licence. Contact me at lhillaby@hotmail.com and I'll get right back to you and post a reply. I'm very anxious!

Re: Frameless stencil systems - Vectra vs Tetra

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 31 09:56:17 EDT 2000 | G. English

I am having problems with the e-mail server at SMTNET. My e-mail address if english_george@hotmail.com

Stencil Storage Racks

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 10 09:54:14 EDT 2001 | genglish

We may have a few to sell 2nd hand in mint condition, we have changed from 29" frames to a foil system. reply to english_george@hotmail.com if you want any further info.

Fuji CPVI Machine

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 11 18:54:19 EST 1999 | Josue Jacquez

Does anyone know a web address where I can find courses for operation and programming of Fuji Machines?? Please send me an e-mail to jjacquez@hotmail.com I'll appreciate you Regards

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