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Used HP382, HP735 and 745 Computers Available

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 12 17:54:56 EST 1998 | Manny Negron

I've got the following good used HP computers (UNIX boxes) available for immediate delivery: 16 HP 382 3 HP 735 2 HP 745 E-mail or post me if interested! Manny Precision Engineering Group


Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 12 23:09:30 EST 1998 | Lynn Lai

I want to find information about SMT and PCB: Process Manufacturing How it work

PDBE and PBB replacements???

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 14 09:09:30 EST 2005 | russ

Thanks Dave, greatly appreciated Russ

Tape and Reel Assistance

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 08 14:50:30 EDT 2012 | dscott

This would be a good place to start http://www.vtekusa.com/

Pad and Stencil Design

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 09 17:33:30 EST 2002 | George Verboven

For more info about Metal Stencil Overview. also look at: http://www.tkb-4u.com/articles/printing/metalstenciloverview/metalstenciloverview.php

BGA lands and ICT

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 07:57:30 EST 2002 | davef

Purchase: 7095 - Design and Assembly Process Implementation for BGA's Make every effort to distribute the test pads, because if you keep them massed at the ball, it would be a bijundo kick in the BGA rear section, when all of those pins released.

Pick and place labels

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 28 12:44:30 EDT 2004 | JB

You are right, basically our options are down to a custom nozzle. Pushing down the label is not the route that I would go with. Thanks for your input and good to hear that you guys found a way around it.

Tg and reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 19 07:29:30 EST 2005 | jax

Tg is just a way to say when the board goes limp... or a quick way to rank laminates... who cares. For lead free you want to look at Td, Decomposition Temperatures. ( Temp at which the material weight changes by 5% )

PFMEA and SPC/Cpk program

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 02 14:04:30 EST 2006 | amol_kane

do u mean program as in software? Minitab can do all the basic statistical analysis for your data and give you Cp, Cpk Values. The Cp and Cpk values are derived from estimates from the data (hence necessary to have Confidence Intervals). Regards, Am

PFMEA and SPC/Cpk program

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 02 15:42:30 EST 2006 | russ

in addition to Amols comments I also like Minitab. For FMEA Ford motor Company has a great FMEA program

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