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SMT Magazine

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 26 01:45:17 EDT 2007 | hs60

Hello, all Appreciate if you have knowledge of SMT magazines in European countries (U.K, France, Germany, Italy etc.) then please recommend magazines on SMT. Thanks, SG

siemens HS60 & F5HM

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 03 07:33:46 EDT 2021 | nima

Hi have a good time i have siemens machine HS60 & F5HM both of them have problem HS60 has 24v contactor problem and F5HM has z-axis problem can you help me to repair it if you can, i will explain more about problems whit photo and video


Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 20 08:58:27 EDT 2009 | soudomphong

m/c error 3564 raceway monitoring triggered-gantry 3. In the help menu it says topic does not existed. Anybody has any idea what this error code mean? This is siemens hs60.

HS60 component camera

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 01 11:13:23 EDT 2010 | soudomphong

I am looking to replace the flip chip camera for HS60. Does anyone know of a good use camera, and price for it? Thanks, Seth

Siemens SIPLACE HS-60 Errors

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 26 00:36:28 EDT 2020 | victorzubashev

Hello Lazlo, do you still have a problem with the machine? Victor

siemens HS60 & F5HM

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 07 10:35:28 EDT 2021 | micropak

What problem you are facing with F5 ?

Siplace HS-60 ,machine error 2271 can bus reception aborted with timeout seg 0

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 13 04:47:19 EST 2018 | dhammika

hi Siplace Hs-60 defected due to below error Error- • Machine error:2271 Can bus: reception call aborted with time out seg:0 DEV: head 2 #:1 (this is not only head 2 ,error raise with all head interm

What do you thing about new NXT

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 08 10:55:49 EDT 2004 | Base

Compete with CM402 and HS60? Maybe... But no match for Assmebleon A-series... Anyway: I've seen many pictures, brochures and video's on several exhibitions, but am yet to see the thing itself. Is it a sign? You tell me....

Hs60 & F5

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 06 01:31:57 EST 2004 | ezalmy

hi everyone,does anyone been utilising these said machines?is the machine programming is tough?pls advise


Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 20 12:30:19 EDT 2009 | soudomphong

Thank you very much for your information, well said. As of right now I am not using this gantry until I can resolve this issue in a timely manner to prevent it from costly repair. Thanks again for the info.

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