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Pre- and post-reflow rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 19:07:16 EST 2005 | primus

We are also looking for AOI machines, pre- and post-reflow. We already tried one machine from the UK (I don't remember the name, I perfer to forget we ever had it) and they told is it would do everything we wanted. Maybe so, but not well enough. It s

Printer and Reflow Oven Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Wed May 20 22:45:18 EDT 2015 | dinhhuunam

Hi Cohlmann, I'm Recommendations for You SJ INNOTECH PRINTER . sj is Global NO.1 Vision Screen Printer High Performance ,Vision Screen Printer & Best Solution & Service for You Detail Please Refer the Spec in Website http://sjinnotech.com/ht_ml_eng/

PM 460 problems and solutions

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 26 19:53:38 EDT 2004 | Frank

That PM460 is quite old. It would be not be the least bit surprising if either of those controller boards in the PC were not functioning. They are what 15+ years old? I would contact the US service dept. 919-460-0111, and ask to speak with Rick.

Solder Paste Storage and Control

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 30 14:07:29 EDT 2008 | jdumont

We use a normal off the shelf (Best Buy) mini fridge. As far as the temp readings, I got some USB dataloggers from Omega and stick them in there. Download the data to your PC every couple of weeks (Outlook reminder). I also use these for our Nitrogen

Machine profiling and product profiling

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 24 16:57:39 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi, I will give just one of the couple of ways I have seen. Once a particular product is debugged, verified through the process the profile of the Oven and it's settings are stored on a separate PC. Prior to running that product and at the start of

Solder paste height and metal squeegees

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 20 08:41:56 EDT 2001 | jimlew

For those of you out there, like myself who are still using 2-d to measure paste ht, I have 2 questions. 1. Typically, what tolerance are you applying to your ht? +- 1 mil, or what? 2. Are you using metal squeegees, and if so, have you found that squ

PM 460 problems and solutions

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 24 11:20:57 EDT 2004 | sagan

Hello everyone. The company i work for owns a PM570L and a PM460. The PM460 recently came from service repairs and it has a problem that me and the technicians at Zevatech AG are trying to solve but i would like to hear from anyone with experience o

SN100C alloy positive and negatives

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 24 15:28:17 EST 2008 | edmentzer

We use SN100C for wave soldering and hand Lead free soldering and have had very good results. The wire cored solder for hand soldering flows good and makes very good solder joints. The SN100C in the wave solder machine also works very good. We use

PC-based Oscilloscopes and KS0718 C Library

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 11 08:02:58 EDT 2008 | electronicsrobotics

Can anyone help about Multiport Serial Adapters, 8051 development tools, watchdog timer, Embedded C Compilers,8051 Free Info and Code, Multi Function Timers, World Class 8051 Trainers, PC-based Oscilloscopes and KS0718 C Library? I have gone throug

Nub bying p&p, stencil printer and reflow.

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 15 11:14:13 EDT 2011 | smtmax

Hi. I've been looking for SMT machines and have > a budget close to 100k total on a stencil > printer, p&p + feeders and reflow owen. Witch > machines would you choose with this budget? Have > any one of you heard of evest? _a class=roll > href

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