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Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 13 13:55:11 EDT 2013 | rangarajd

Hi, I'm looking for an inexpensive humidifier solution for out 25k sq.ft facility. A closed loop standalone system that can maintain the humidity between 40 - 50 RH. Thank you

Electrical Wiring Anomaly

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 09 09:45:34 EST 2011 | dyoungquist

The white haze is most likely coming from your ultrasonic air humidifiers. I have seen this from a home unit that left a white residue on furniture in the house. What is your water source for the humidifiers? If it is hard water you will get more

SMT Production Floor & Component Store/ware house RH Control

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 16 01:37:09 EST 2007 | grantp

Hi, If you need to get a humidity target, the best way is to run the air conditioning plant very cold, which will drop the moisture out of the air, and then you can reheat to the required temp, and install humidifiers to re humidify the air to the r

Humidity control system

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 02 09:45:25 EDT 2014 | swag

Not sure what kind of humidifier you are looking at but here's my experience: We have 4 humidifiers. All are ultrasonic supplied with DI water. They work well but... UT humidifiers will create a foggy white residue that will stick to things in cl

Electrical Wiring Anomaly

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 09 12:50:25 EST 2011 | dyoungquist

I've never run D.I. water through an ultrasonic humidifier before. I think the reverse osmosis (RO) process removes more stuff (minerals and etc.) than the D.I. process does. My experience from using one in a home setting still tells me that is the

low humidity storage

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 11 15:01:24 EDT 2000 | g cronin

I am looking for a storage system for short term storage of open BGA's or longer term de-humidifying or moisture removal.. Is there any low humidity chambers available??? greg

Sudden paste release problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 07:44:52 EST 2005 | Mark M.

Check your humidity levels there as well. If the airs to dry it would dry out your paste as well. We had to go out and buy some floor humidifiers for our place.

%RH in the Production Hall

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 18 09:46:42 EDT 2006 | SWAG

We run humidifiers in our shop because we are usually around 25% RH. We track this with a data-logger and RH device. It's dry here! Sometimes in the summer, it can get between 5 and 10% RH outside = thunderstorms/dry lightning and forest fires. I

Electrical Wiring Anomaly

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 09 09:09:27 EST 2011 | swag

By no means clean room but pretty clean environment. We have ultrasonic air humidifiers maintaining our air at about 45 RH. I agree with you about airborne stuff attaching to electro-static. It's a mystery why it is isolated to four machine, thoug

Humidity control system

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 02 05:31:45 EDT 2014 | jdumont

We have four or five of these guys scattered around our 40,000sqft plant spraying DI water. They have a not so accurate built in humidistat but its good enough and they aren't that expensive for upfront cost. Just lube the packing washers in the gun

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