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Low humidity control

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 02 06:58:07 EST 2011 | mikeyjryan

Hello, The company I work for are located in the North of Spain and the humidity levels in the factory range from 10 to 60 %RH. We have concerns about the low humidity effects on our ESD controls and want to invest in a system to keep the humidity a

low humidity storage

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 11 15:01:24 EDT 2000 | g cronin

I am looking for a storage system for short term storage of open BGA's or longer term de-humidifying or moisture removal.. Is there any low humidity chambers available??? greg

Re: low humidity storage

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 14 08:37:15 EDT 2000 | Bill

You can get nitrogen storage cabinets for low humidity applications from Aerofeed Inc. in Chalfont, PA. See some of their models at www.bita.se. Bill

humidity in PC packages

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 21 15:00:41 EDT 1999 | jgodfrey

I am finding that some of our IC's are coming from the supplier with the humidity gauge in the bag reading 10-20%. Has anybody done any tests to determine what humidty level in a package will cause problems during reflow?

Measure humidity for PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 08:49:42 EDT 2010 | cast2010

Hello, Do you know a method for measure the humidity of PCB? I try with a measure of the weight before and after a cycle in an oven... Thank you.

Re: low humidity storage

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 14 09:21:15 EDT 2000 | John Thorup

look back to August 3 for a thread on this

Low humidity control

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 04 15:58:55 EST 2011 | pjc

Yes, one to consider is Draabe in Germany: http://www.draabe.com/draabe/en/home.html

Re: low humidity storage

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 14 11:18:42 EDT 2000 | Chris C

There are two similar products, Eureka and McDry dry box units and other nitrogen required units in the market. Both Eureka and McDry are not required Nitrogen, I'm seeing a cost saving there in the long run. I have several Eureka dry box in the faci

Measure humidity for PCB

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 14:49:15 EDT 2010 | davef

90%) from the sample, and the bake time and temperature specified herein are minimums. To improve test accuracy, or to prevent heat damage, other bake parameters may be AABUS. 2 Applicable Documents IPC-QL-653 Certification of Facilities that Inspect

Conformal coating for 90% humidity

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 11:34:24 EDT 2005 | prod eng

I wonder if anybody could spec a conformal coating or simalar application, to protect PCB's at 90% humidity. Standard HPA from electrolube does not work if the humidity is in excess of 75%. Cheers

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